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They Started Fining Him For His Trump Sign, What He Told Them Is HILARIOUS!

Even after they started fining this man for his Trump sign, he remained steadfast, and his defiance was truly hilarious!

The pro-Trump owner of the beachside property on the Emerald Coast of Florida just might be slapped with a fine that is at least $50 per day for the massive “Trump Won” banner that has been draped across the three-tiered balcony of the beachhouse that he calls home at least four days a week.

Martin Peavy has truly made his mark as a Georgia-based real estate agent who has made his home among the quaint and idyllic Gulf Coast towns that are situated among County Road 30A in Florida. Simply put, Peavy is not the only Southerner that cherishes these properties because of these old-time beach getaways and luxury homes.

Unfortunately, the picturesque scenes that the 30A neighborhood has to offer have a downside: they are subject to the regulations of Walton County, and Peavy has been found to be in violation due to his sign.

Peavy’s massive banner shows that he believes former President Donald Trump was actually the winner of the 2020 election which many in the “Make America Great America” movement, including Trump himself, have continually insisted had been stolen in favor of now-President Joe Biden.

The Pensacola News Journal is reporting that Peavy will be required to take down the sign or he will be facing fines of $50 per day. However, here is what he had to say about that…

“Fifty dollars a day ain’t a d*** thing to me,” he told the newspaper. “I’m not going to take it down.”

Peavy said that he hung the banner just to trigger the liberals in his community and the “one percent leftists” as well. Moreover, even if he couldn’t afford to pay the fine, he has had plenty of supporters.

“I’ve already had people call me and tell me they’d pay the $50 fines,” he said.

Peavy initially got on the bad side of the county after he kept his Trump 2020 sign up well after the election, violating a county code that mandated that campaign signs have to be taken down no more than 15 days after the election.

Of course, like many Americans, Peavy didn’t think the election was over even 15 days past the election.

“I said, ‘The election is not over,’” he said he told the county.

“Our elections have been rigged for at least 20 years. That’s proven facts,” Peavy said to the News Journal.

Peavy finally removed the sign on January 21st, the day after President Biden was sworn in for his own term. However, it wasn’t two months into Biden’s term that he unfurled his “Trump Won” banner.

They first contacted Peavy about the new sign in June, and there was a brief code enforcement meeting in which neither Peavy nor his attorney attended.

Peavy said he was thinking about unveiling a “Let’s Go, Brandon” sign, paying homage to a NASCAR announcer who mistook the crowd chanting “F***k Joe Biden” for “Let’s Go Brandon”, the first name of one of the stock-car racers.

Either way, Peavy has his right to freedom of expression, and Trump has ignited a trenendous flame, a movement that is not going to die just because he is no longer out of office.

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