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Did Fox News Just Catch Joe Biden Having A Stroke On Live Television?

Incoherent rambling? President Joe Biden? Well, there is no way that we can say these two are a match made in heaven, but unfortunately, this seems to be a daily occurrence at this point from the 46th President. Regardless, a clip from a recent speech he delivered at Elk Grove Village, Illinois, was stunning even by his law standards. The clip was posted to Twitter by the Post Millennial, and the Fox News host explained that the network was looking to do a live listen-in on this Biden speech. However, when they did, they were treated to President Biden prattling on about “the Illinois President” and “the Ohio Pennsylvania.”

When I am not writing these political pieces, I am also working on a novel, but boy, let me tell you folks, you cannot make this stuff up…

It took most people about 30 seconds to realize that President Biden was doing strange rambling, and then even the Fox News host felt that it was best to cut away from this avalanche of verbal gaffes and assured their viewers that their network was going to keep “monitoring” the speech.

This presents a bit of a larger picture because since Biden has taken office because there has been a larger divide where conservatives continue to criticize him. but liberals continue to support him.

Either way, it was these and several other quips where it definitely appeared that Biden actually seemed more confused than he already was. Biden had an exasperated state of mumbling to himself, kept quiet, and only had works of a man who was genuinely upset.

So, was Biden actually having a stroke on television? Well, it’s hard to tell either way, but he definitely wasn’t feeling well, that is for sure.

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