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What Rudy Revealed They JUST Found On Hunter’s Laptop Is Sickening!

It seems that there are countless examples of how Democrats play by one set of rules but everyone else plays by the law. It has now been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that the mainstream media, tech giants, and the ideological DC elites ran interference for Joe Biden during his run for president in 2020 and openly lied about the many crimes of his son, Hunter Biden.

Earlier this week, Politico reported on something that frankly, we all already knew – that Hunter Biden’s laptop showcased an immense criminal history of major financial corruption, illicit drug use, porn, and now even child pornography. Apparently, this wasn’t just a rumor; it was real and authentic.

This all came after last year when Politico accused those who were propagating the Hunter Biden laptop story of actually being Russian collusion or disinformation before the election.

Joining Politico last year were 50 former U.S. intelligence officials, and they too lied and claimed that the reports regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop were merely just disinformation.

Last Wednesday, Rudy Guiliani told Rob Schmitt on Newsmax that he felt vindicated.

Rudy added the following remark:, “Simple summation, they made about $30 million selling his office as Senator, selling his office as Vice President. They’re totally corrupt. It’s also a bit perverted. You got child pornography on that hard drive… I brought it to them. I showed them the pictures of the young girl with no clothes on. They didn’t do a damn thing about it. Because the Bidens can get away with child pornography. It’s disgraceful. No wonder he’s a horrible president. The man is immoral.”

Naturally, the liars in the mainstream media continue to ignore this so they can protect Joe Biden and the Democrats. Totally sick people.

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