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What They Are Making Soldiers Who Won’t Get Vaxxed Do Is Sickening!

Apparently, the U.S. Army is now requesting that all soldiers who want a religious exemption for the COVID vaccine be required to complete a two-page form that fully describes their religious beliefs. One of the main reasons why the Army is wanting soldiers to do this is because they want the subject to prove that they are religious enough to be able to get the exemption!

I really think that there is just one word to describe this: micromanaging. That’s right; these individuals (would bureaucrats be a better word? Not sure…) in the army are so hell-bent on being politically correct that they are trying to invade the religious privacy of all of their recruits and have them flat-out state their religious beliefs! Moreover, this will no doubt remind some of the Baby Boomers that read this blog of the Jimmy Carter days, where he would micromanage things half to death! Do we really want to go back to the days where we have a fuel crisis and out-of-control inflation? Well, Biden is cut in the same mold as Jimmy Carter, so there are not any good signs. There are actually plenty of red flags here, especially when you consider that we are not even sure if Biden is even coherent enough to run this country at all!

What does this mean for the soldiers? Well, in a nutshell, it means that their very livelihoods are at stake.

There was one of these soldiers that was stationed in a career NCO in a leadership position, no less, and he has been told flat out that he is going to be out of the military in four months if he doesn’t get the shot.

Indeed, some of the questions on this form are completely ludicrous, and it is hard to believe that our military is asking the questions in this form. The answers to these questions is none of the military’s business, and if this were for a regular position, there would be a litany of complaints and lawsuits simply due to this form. That is why the best way to describe this is that it is nothing more than another effort to destroy our freedom. Now, it is the men and women in uniform who are feeling the brunt of these civil liberties violations.

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