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Yes! They Just Blocked Biden From Spending Any More Of Your Money!

The Senate has now ruled against allowing the Democrats to include amnesty for as many as 8 million illegals in their massive mega-trillion dollar spending bill even though they fought long and hard for it.

The massive spending bill has been labeled “human infrastructure” because it actually has very little to do with the infrastructure of roads and bridges but its more about being a social safety net proposal that is aimed at pushing America into becoming a socialist nation. President is calling it a “bottom-up” transformative bill, but anyone who has studied socialism in depth and knows a lick about economics will tell you that this socialist agenda has and will never work. Biden is calling himself a capitalist, but he is definitely just a capitalist in name only. Biden has now sold out to the far-left socialists such as Bernie Sanders.

It was just a few days ago that Biden made an announcement of the plan:

“I strongly support giving Dreamers, TPS recipients, farmworkers, and essential workers the long-awaited pathway to citizenship they deserve. I’m working closely with Congress right now to finally make that a reality.”

Politico is now reporting that the U.S. Senate has determined that the proposal from the Democrats is “by any standard a broad, new immigration policy” and that these policy changes will “substantially outweigh the budgetary impact of that change.”

Their arguments before the Senate parliamentarian, a former immigration attorney, were all about making the case that providing green cards to an estimated 8 million Dreamers, Temporary Protected Status, farmworkers, and essential workers during the pandemic in order to make more of these people eligible for certain benefits. In turn, that was going to increase the deficit by as much as $130 billion, according to Democratic estimates.

The parliamentarian ruled a tad bit differently however. She stated that providing legal status through reconciliation would lead to plenty of “other, life-changing federal, state and societal benefits.”

This parliamentarian believes that providing permanent legal status would be a great way to “would give these persons freedom to work, freedom to travel, freedom to live openly in our society in any state in the nation, and to reunite with their families and it would make them eligible, in time, to apply for citizenship — things for which there is no federal fiscal equivalent.”

Additionally, the parliamentarian rejected the arguments from Democrats that they have a precedent for including some type of immigration reform in the reconciliation portion of their bill. Democrats frequently pointed to a 2005 Republican-led reconciliation bill that was addressing a backlog in visas. Either way, President Biden can’t catch a break to save himself!

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