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We Have Proof Biden Is Collapsing The Economy As We Speak!

President Joe Biden has not even been in office for a year, and yet some of the things that he is doing to the economy are just god-awful. He is at the center of the episode where the “petrodollar” is now about to unwind, and that is something that has helped to keep American inflation in check over the years. The petrodollar is something that has allowed America to maintain their deficit in budge and trade without massive inflation, but these checks might be gone soon. We might be witnessing America’s chickens coming home to roost. No, this isn’t necessarily going to occur in just a day but it will lead us a step closer to the de-dollarization of the global oil market and it is going to lead to increased inflation within our country’s borders.

Indeed, the fact that we couldn’t pay our debts was precisely the same reason that Germany had hyperinflation in 1923, and sadly, we are headed down that same way.

What is next discussed would be the MMT (Modern Monetary Theory), which is something that politicians like AOC, Kamala and Biden have latched on to. This theory, however, is expected to place some pressure on inflation in the United States.

Apparently, what is going on here is that the Biden/Obama/Harris team is latching on the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) goal of taking over the world currency. This too is going to put pressure on inflation in the United States. These entities are doing their dangdest to replace the USD with a digital currency.

Get ready for Germany in 1923, folks. It’s well on its way.

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