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What This Patriot Mother Just Said About ANTIFA Is Totally Perfect!

There were some concerned parents delivering fiery monologues during a recent Natomas Unified School District meeting in Sacramento, California. Most of the parents at the meeting were demanding accountability for a self-described “ANTIFA teacher” situation involving one Gabriel Gipe, the AP Government teacher who was on record for saying that he had a mission to turn his students into communist “revolutionaries.”

Gipe had been exposed by Project Veritas, and they released an undercover video of the high school teacher admitting that he had “180 days to turn these students into revolutionaries.”

This ANTIFA teacher also said that he had to “scare the f**** out of kids” so that they would be more politically motivated and he offered some of his students extra credit to attend right-wing rallies as opposition.

The hidden camera video also revealed that Gipe had an ANTIFA flag in his classroom. When one of his students said that he was uncomfortable with the ANTIFA flag, Gipe allegedly responded, “Well, this flag is meant to make fascists feel uncomfortable, so if you feel uncomfortable, I really don’t know what to tell you.”

Gipe taught at Inderkum High School, and his classroom allegedly featured not just an ANTIFA flag, but also a poster of former Chinese dictator Mao Zedong.

Eventually, they removed Gipe from the classroom and launched an investigation. The school board had him placed on paid leave, and they said they were “taking the legally required next steps to place the teacher on unpaid leave and fire him.”

Parents were not completely satisfied by the school board’s actions. On Wednesday, there was a large number of livid parents who attended the Natomas Unified School District to demand accountability for the teacher that had been freely able to spew radical ideas in the classroom and be able to indoctrinate students in a public school.

One impassioned mother slammed the Natomas school board for allowing her daughter to be influenced by this far-left teacher.

“The reason why my daughter is standing behind me is that my job as a parent is to protect her from anybody that has ill will towards her,” the mother told the school board.

“In two weeks and 13 days, he was allowed to change my daughter’s mind about some fascist crap that y’all have let in this school,” she exclaimed.

“I’m from Texas. This does not go on in Texas,” the mom proclaimed. “So to think that my very sound-minded daughter would go against me and my wishes and our values in our home to be able to go and support this man, and he is putting her in harm’s way.”

“What the hell are y’all doing? I’m tired. How long does it have to go on? Before somebody says something? How long? How long? What are you going to do? That’s the question. Get him out of here. We don’t f***ing care about this boy. He got to go,” she declared, which received applause from the other parents.

Another parent noted, “We’re gathered here today because we have teachers who’ve decided to become indoctrineers and not educators.”

An enraged father asked, “You feel this pain right here? It’s not going away. The only question I got is where does the f***ing buck stop? This is bigger than one teacher … there were so many red flags. The man had an Antifa flag behind his desk. He had Chairman Mao in the f***ing corner. Are you kidding me?”

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