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They Asked Biden’s Gatekeeper About Afghanistan And She TOTALLY Exploded!

It was time for Biden’s gatekeeper to lash out, I guess. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki recently flipped out at a reporter after he had accused the Biden Administration of leaving Americans stranded in Afghanistan.

This particularly contentious interaction unfolded Monday during a media briefing with the White House.

“Does the president have a sense that most of the criticism is not of leaving Afghanistan, it’s the way that he has ordered it to happen by pulling the troops before getting these Americans who are now stranded,” Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked. “Does he have a sense of that?”

“I think it’s irresponsible to say Americans are stranded. They are not,” Psaki retorted.

“We are committed to bringing Americans who want to come home, home,” she said. “We are in touch with them via phone, via text, via email, via any way that we can possibly reach Americans to get them home if they want to return home.”

“There are no Americans stranded is the White House’s official position on what’s happening in Afghanistan right now?” Doocy fired back.

“I’m just calling you out for saying we are stranding Americans in Afghanistan when I said, when we have been very clear that we are not leaving Americans who want to return home,” Psaki replied.

“We are going to bring them home and I think that’s important for the American public to hear and understand,” she concluded.

This doesn’t change the fact that the Biden Administration has been widely excoriated by critics over their poorly planned withdrawal from Afghanistan. The backlash has been particularly intense because there have been reports of Taliban fighters beating Americans who are attempting to reach the Kabul so that they can escape the country.

Psaki was unable to say the exact number of Americans who had been evacuated from Afghanistan, and she didn’t note when that information was going to be available. Looks like this administration is incompetent from top to bottom, folks.


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