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TUCKER CARLSON: There’s Something REALLY Strange About How The Media Is Turning On Biden!

It took nearly eight months, but the media is finally calling out the failures of President Biden.

CBS’s Debra Alfarone pointed out that there is a “disconnect” between the pictures from the streets of Kabul and the messaging (read: propaganda) of the Biden Administration.

Yes, even CNN is calling out Biden.

To wit, CNN’s Jake Tapper has noted that it “seems shocking that President Biden could have been so wrong” in regards to Afghanistan, and that he believes we are “watching a foreign policy disaster unfold before our very eyes, and the rapid crumbling of Afghanistan has definitely caught the Biden White House flat-footed.”

However, there is one person who isn’t buying the normally-liberal media’s about-face regarding Joe Biden: Tucker Carlson. He doesn’t think that the media’s current opinion is very authentic.

As a matter of fact, Tucker Carlson felt the need to issue a warning on his show last night, saying, “something else is going on here.”

Tucker Carlson also pointed out that media outlets such as CNN have been covering for Biden since he began his run for president in 2020, and he said he finds it highly unusual that Biden’s allies are attacking him “openly and very aggressively.” I don’t know…is it possible that they might be prepping people for a possible Kamala Harris administration? I know, that’s a scary picture, but just food for thought.

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