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They Were Just There To Pray, And ANTIFA THUGS Descended Upon them!

It looks like Portland is up to its old tricks again. There was a Christian prayer group that was gathered on one of Portland’s waterfronts, and the ANTIFA violently attacked them last Saturday.

ANTIFA used pepper-spray and other weapons to attack these Christians, who were merely concerned about their country.


Andy Ngo shared the latest video of the incident on his Twitter feed, writing the following: “On Saturday in Portland, the ANTIFA group was gathered to violently shut down a Christian group that had gathered by the waterway to pray. ANTIFA can be seen pulling the speaker equipment apart and attacking the children and families. The police were called, but they failed to respond.”

Well, so much for counting on the Portland police! These police just stood idly by as the ANTIFA goons grabbed the Chrisitian’s sound equipment and threw it into the WIllamette River. According to witnesses, the children that were present were hit with pepper-spray and projectiles.

There was a woman who attended the prayer group and she described the violent attack. She said that the ANTIFA terrorists threw flash bombs at the children and they attacked the pastor.

The ANTIFA terrorists also threw flash bombs at the children and they attacked the pastor. Meanwhile, the police stood by and didn’t even make an arrest or anything.

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