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Even Foreign Media Is Now Seeing How Clueless Sleepy Joe Is!

There is no question that the news media in our country is a complete and total joke, especially in the way that they report on Sleepy Joe. The media wants you to believe that if they just continue to report their fabricated version of the news, that you won’t notice that “Sleepy Joe” – otherwise known as President Joe Biden – looks completely lost and confused up there. They think you won’t notice that the man’s schedule is nothing like what we normally see from a U.S. president. That’s because his handlers and all of the other media sycophants refuse to report the truth to the American media.

However, there is no amount of media gaslighting that is going to cover up the obvious fact that Sleepy Joe constantly has that “deer in the headlights” look. Joe Biden cannot even hold a town hall meeting without wandering off-topic.

This is why we have to thank God for some of these overseas news hosts, particularly that of Australian Sky News host Rita Panahl, who has never been afraid to call a spade a spade. She is not afraid of calling people out, even powerful politicians.

This past weekend, Panahl called out one person in particular that would be of interest to American viewers. That’s right, she had Joe Biden in her cross-hairs, and she called him out for not even knowing the population of America.

That’s right. This is how pathetically low that our country’s media has fallen. We now have to rely on FOREIGN NEWS REPORTERS to tell us the truth about our country and about how poorly a job that sleepy Joe is doing!

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