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Fauci Caught In Horrific Case Of Live Animal Testing!

A government watchdog group is now calling out Dr. Anthony Fauci because it is looking more and more evident that he has engaged in some horrific animal testing. Indeed, this is something that was done during his work for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and it is something where if Dr. Fauci had an “R” after his name, all the bleeding hearts would be forming a lynch mob to come after him.

Apparently, the agency used $424,455 in taxpayer money to support researchers at the University of Georgia who are performing experimental tests on 28 beagles who had been infected with parasites.

There were some documents obtained by the White Coat Waste Project that illustrated many instances where the dogs had “vocalized in pain” after they were injected with the experimental vaccine. These beagles were scheduled to be euthanized by last June, but it’s not certain whether that actually happened or not.

Newsweek reported that these experiments were based on finding a cure for a disease called lymphatic filariasis, and this vaccine had also been tested on other animals. “It’s not just Wuhan,” Justin Goodman of the White Coat Waste Project told the Daily Caller.

“Fauci’s budget has ballooned to over $6 billion in taxpayer funding annually, at least half of which is being wasted on more questionable animal experimentation like these deadly and unnecessary beagle tests and other maximum pain experiments.” Goodman continues to say that he thinks that Fauci should be held accountable for the fact that he allocated taxpayer funds to such a heinous study.

“Fauci needs to be held accountable for this staggering waste and abuse overseas and right here at home. Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to pay,” he said.

Greg Trevor works as an administrative official at the University of Georgia, and he told Newsweek that “beagles are the standard dog model used in this type of research.”

“Because this disease currently has no cure, unfortunately the animals that are part of this trial must be euthanized. We do not take lightly the decision to use such animals in some of our research.”

Animal testing is certainly nothing new, but usually it isn’t getting this type of publicity.
The needs of the American people should be prioritized over these bizarre scientific experiments, but because these officials have a “D” after their name, I’m sure nothing will come of this. There will be nothing but crickets from the media.


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