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California Is Trying To Stack The Deck For Newsom In Sickening Fashion!

There is a new shock poll out that spells bad news for the tyrannical Democrat with the “let them eat cake” mentality from California better known as Governor Gavin Newsom. Apparently, he is now currently down by double digits in a new poll published by Survey USA and the San Diego Tribune.

The first question in the Survey USA poll cut right to the chase: “Should Gavin Newsom be recalled?” The answers spell bad news for Governor Newsom, with respondents answering 51% of the time that they thought that Newsom should be removed, while just 40% want him to remain as California’s governor.

“How close the recall turns out depends on exactly one thing and only one thing,” Golden State political news reporter Darry Sragow said. “And that is whether Democrats take the time to vote.”

Are Democrats in California worried about the latest poll showing Newsom down by double digits, or do they have an ace up their sleeve that assures the unpopular governor will maintain his dictatorial power? Perhaps the ace up their sleeve is that they think that the Democrats will remain steadfastly loyal, just like the mindless bobbleheads that they’ve always been.

According to a notice by California’s Secretary of State, Dr. Shirley N. Weber, CA residents can now print their own ballots at home and mail them in to the Secretary of State via the new “Remote Accessible Vote-By-Mail (RAVBM). According to her statement, the print-your-own ballot from home program takes effect on August 16, just in time for Newsom’s recall election.

In Maricopa County, AZ, an important component of the forensic audit included an inspection of the type of paper used for their ballots.

A notice was posted by California Secretary of State, Dr. Shirley N. Weber, and it shared the exciting news that California residents are now able to print out their ballots and mail them to the Secretary of State via her new “Remote Accessible Vote-By-Mail (RAVBM)” program. According to the Secretary’s statement, this print-your-own ballot from home program will go into effect just in time for Gavin Newsom’s recall election.

Of course, in Maricopa County, Arizona, an important element of any forensic audit process would be to have an inspection of the type of paper used for the ballots.

Western Journal did a special report regarding what they are calling “Sharpie Gate” and they interviewed Republican Senate President Karen Fann regarding the issue. She told Western Journal Editor-in-Chief George Upper the following: “There is mistruth that is being put out there or misstatements. So, for example, we can go back to an actual public document that [Maricopa County officials] had on their website and they put out there and said, ‘We only use four types of paper for our ballots, and those ballots are, it’s a special kind of paper that has, I believe, it’s a titanium film on it, if you will, which actually prevent people from, from the ballots, from seeping through on the other side. Well, we know for a fact from the hearing last Thursday that there is a lot of ballots out there that they marked through and images of them. So clearly, that was misinformation when they said we only use four types of paper. We actually now have affidavits from people who actually worked at the polls, and because of the on-demand ballots that they print, that they were not using any special paper. As a matter of fact, if they ran out of paper, somebody was sent down to the nearest office supply store to pick up more paper. So that in itself is, obviously, that’s not secure paper. Obviously, you’re going to have bleed-throughs.” Bleed-throughs? There’s going to be bleed-throughs? Oh boy, what a concept!

The CEO of Cyber Ninjas, which is a software security company, reported that any further examination of the ballots yielded evidence that appears to support this controversy with SharpieGate.

A broadcasted state Senate hearing was done in regards to the findings, and Doug Logan presented a number of photographic examples of improperly marked ballots.

This auditor described how anyone viewing the ballot would clearly be able to see how the Sharpie marks were bleeding through to the other side of the paper. This means that there is a tremendous possibility for misreadings as most of the ballots are counted.

So how is California going to plan on preventing these Sharpie-marks from bleeding through the flimsy printing paper? The answer is that they won’t. They are perfectly happy with it as always.

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