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They Saved The Plane From A Potential Terrorist, What Happened To Them Is DISGUSTING!

A flight crew aboard a Frontier Airlines flight did what they had to do, but now they are finding themselves in a bit of hot water. In a nutshell, there was an unruly passenger on the flight who was groping and assaultong flight attendants, so this flight crew put him in his place by duct taping him to his seat! Unfortunately, this is where they got into trouble.

Initially, the brass at the airline said that they had suspended the crew. However, they quickly changed their tune and their course of direction when there was a tremendous public outcry over the viral video that depicted the incident.

There was a report from the Miami-Dade Police Department regarding Maxwell Berry, of Norwalk, Ohio, who had been flying from Philadelphia to Miami on this Frontier Flight. It didn’t take long for this young man to cause a disruption.

According to the report, Berry was already intoxicated when he ordered more drinks. Immediately after consuming his last alcoholic beverage, he brushed the empty cut against a flight attendant’s backside. Then, police reported that Berry spilled one of his drinks on himself before he grabbed and groped the chest of another female flight attendant and punched a male flight attendant in the face.

Berry allegedly fought with the passengers while the crew was in the process of duct-taping him to the seat. Moreover, there is a video that is showing Berry screaming obscenities and telling everyone on the flight who will listen that he has wealthy parents.

There were also plenty of other videos that captured him punching the male flight attendant and later plenty of videos where the flight attendants restrained him with duct tape.

Furthermore, they arrested Berry when the flight touched down in Miami, and police had to use a Taser to restrain him. They charged him with three counts of battery and booked him into the Miami-Dade County Jail.

Frontier said in a second statement that their flight crew had been “relieved of flying duties pending completion of investigation of the events.”

However, there was a serious outcry on social media regarding this incident, with several defending the actions of the flight crew and demanding that Frontier should be more lenient.

“How many mechanisms does a flight crew have to restrain a violent passenger? It may *look* crazy, but this seems to be one reasonable method,” tweeted Seth Abramson.

“Yo @FlyFrontier, you have suspended a crew of superheroes for taking care of a douchebag that sexually harassed one of your flight attendants. This crew deserves a company paid vacation for their work, not a suspension,” responded Josh Jordan.

“Frontier should reward the damn crew. This guy was a tool,” replied Dan Gainor of Newsbusters.

Although Frontier did ultimately change their tune, this is definitely the liberal world that we live in, where a flight crew just doing what they had to do to keep everyone safe from an unruly passenger are the ones that are made out to be the villains.

This flight crew should get a vacation, a raise, and a dinner in their honor for their actions on this flight!

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