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What They Just Said About COVID Will Change Everything!

In August 2020, the Gateway Pundit shared one of the things that the CDC had reported on their website – apparently, only 6% of all fatalities reported that had been caused by COVID-19 were individuals who had died from COVID alone. The rest of the deaths that had been recorded had been related to someone who not only had COVID, but also another comorbidity. The Gateway Pundit also reported that the average individual that passed away from a COVID death had been related to a person who had an average of 2.7 comorbidities.

The post ultimately went viral because the Gateway Pundit reported that only 9,210 of the 153,504 individuals who had been diagnosed with COVID died from COVID alone. The others had other serious illnesses that the COVID-19 virus exploited.

Well, today there was another report that came out from the CDC that showed that there was a study that proved that less than 1% (0.3%) of individuals that were EVEN HOSPITALIZED with COVID that only had ONE OR ZERO comorbidities passed away. Thus, even if someone is hospitalized, the chances of them passing away from COVID if they have ONLY ONE OR ZERO comorbidities was an infinitesimal 0.3%.

The message continues to be the same: if someone is healthy and they have no comorbidities, then it is highly unlikely that they will die from COVID alone. Of course, even though they have a small risk of being hospitalized and dying, the possibility of becoming a statistic rises as the number of comorbidities in a person increases.

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