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Democrat Lawmaker CAUGHT Using Campaign Funds At STRIP CLUB!

As a suburb of Detroit, Dearborn still has a few things going for it. However, it has been continually losing population much like its sister city, Detroit, and this is due in part to liberal lawmakers who have some rather crazy ideas. The latest example? One Democrat lawmaker reported spending as much as $221 of his own campaign meeting to have a “constituent meeting” where he wanted to discuss “potential economic projects”, according to the Detroit News. The problem? He met with these constituents at a strip-club in Dearborn!

The Details

The paper noted that state representative Jewell Jones turned in his new fundraising report last Sunday, and he added in his phone interview that his location was at the Pantheion Club, which he described as a “lounge.”

Of course, the dude was probably trying to do some damage control because he mentioned that he wasn’t sure if this place could be classified as a strip club before his call was disconnected. However, the Detroit News reported on a Twitter account that used the named “Pantheion Club” that described it as the “oldest and most established gentlemens [sic] club in Michigan.”

The third-term lawmaker described to the newspaper his decision to meet at this club in a text message where he described the situation as follows: “We have to meet people where they’re at some times…#HOLLA” and he noted that this Pantheion Club had “great lamb chops.” If you are thinking of puns right now, trust me, you aren’t the only one. My goodness, I can’t help but wonder if one of their musical selections would be “Legs” by ZZ Top, but I digress….####RIP Dusty Hill####

What else is there to know about Jones’ spending?

Jones’ campaign disclosures also show some other interesting expenditures, including over $6,400 spent at restaurants or lounges for other “meetings” from January 1st through July 20th, according to the Detroit News. He spent $696 at Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant and Bar in Las Vegas on March 22nd and over $500 for a meet-up at Jon’s Goodtime and Grill a week later for a “meeting with community stakeholder on potential projects.”

The Detroit News noted that it’s “not rare for a Michigan lawmaker to use campaign funds to purchase dinners related to their official duties. However, the level and type of spending described in his new report is unusual.”

Simon Schuster, executive director of the nonprofit Michigan Campaign Finance Network, also told the Detroit News that “the venue Rep. Jones chose truly pushes the limit of credulity.”

A Very Troubled Individual

These oddball locations for campaign meetings also came on the heels of an April 6th arrest where Jewell Jones’ black Chevy Tahoe was drifting in and out of the lanes on Interstate 96 before hurtling into a ditch. The state representative was also fitted for an alcohol monitor, and he has had several violations as a result. Perhaps he is doing more than just imbibing on the Pantheion Club’s lambchops?

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