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Biden’s Gatekeeper Sickeningly Defending Shilling Hunter’s Art!

Press Secretary Jen Psaki just did her level best to defend Hunter Biden’s new career as an artist, but it was obvious this is nothing more than one tremendous grift that is happening out in the open. Peter Schweizer is one particular reporter who has followed the Biden family’s corruption for many years, and he said that their latest endeavor to launder money is literally “genius” in a very corrupt way. The answers from Psaki today didn’t do very much to reassure people that this latest endeavor is nothing more than a corrupt ploy.

During today’s press conference, Psaki also did her level best to assure the media that Hunter Biden was going to be “attending” buyer’s events where potential buyers will be. The Biden Gatekeeper also noted that any potential buyers will be kept confidential….if that sounds kind of shady to you, you aren’t the only one!

Psaki also was having a difficult time naming any concrete safeguards that will ensure that any of Hunter’s “art” sales are ethical. Well, well, well, Ms. Psaki, you are Biden’s gatekeeper, so I guess it sucks to be you.

Investigative journalist Peter Schweitzer did a thorough analysis of Hunter’s latest grift where he is now considered to be an artist. He termed this latest grift to be “genius” in a very corrupt way:

The video clip provided by the Biden gatekeeper below shows just how corrupt the Biden crime family has been for such a long time. This video not only showcases the Biden gatekeeper, but it also features a debate between President Trump and President Biden over whether Hunter’s laptop is real. Biden does nothing but lie and say that it is Russian misinformation. Bartiromo then proceeds to interview Peter Schweitzer and he confirms that yes, Hunter’s laptop is real.

You see, investigative reporter Peter Schweizter has been doing exposes on the Bidens for many years now, so this is old hat for him. In his interview with Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures” he said that Hunter’s art scheme is pretty much “genius.”

He says that since the art market is “subjective”, there’s no questioning what someone would pay for it and that is one of the main reasons why the art market is so corrupt. You can price the piece as high as 5K and market it to foreign entities. What can I say? Hunter Biden is just doing what he does best….grifting.

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