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Now They Are Trying To SNEAK CRT In Under Our Noses!

“CRT is not a noun…it’s a verb. CRT is the action of a Marxist movement that teaches people to hate America, and it segregates people into those who are privileged and oppressed.”

Those were the words of a mom who took the microphone during a very heated school board meeting in Overland Park, Kansas, calling out its members for sneaking CRT into her child’s school curriculum.

The patriotic woman began her rant by exclaiming, “I love that we start each meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance where we all agree that we are one nation, and one people indivisible,” but her tone shifts after that. The concerned mother raises up a copy of a DENI mandatory teacher training manual that has been issued to all of the public educators in the Blue Valley School District.

The woman was deeply disappointed and she was furious over the contents of that book. Thus, the irate mom warned that this particular curriculum was actually critical race theory in disguise. In order to prove that it was CRT, she read from the part of the manual that stated,

“America is a racist country built on racist ideas.” She read from one paragraph, “privileged white people oppress people of color and heterosexual people suppress gay people.”

After she quoted from the paper, she claimed the training proceeded to encourage teachers to “use your voice and educate and share the truth about racism with others, and help organize or attend protests.”

The courageous parent capped off her time at the mic to raucous applause and support when she says that DENI “needs to be stopped immediately and we need to assure parents that this hateful divisive material is not going to be built into the school’s curriculum.”

At press time, an online search for the acronym DENI did not turn in anything that it stood for. Considering that this school board seems bent on denying transparency to parents as they continue to implement this divisive curriculum usually called CRT but under a stealth name, they just as well call it “DENY”.


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