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They Released This ILLEGAL Alien On Bail, What Happened Next Is Absolutely Ghoulish!

The illegal alien stabbed his victim to death, then he decapitated him and proceeded to use his head like someone would use a soccer ball. Let that sink in: this border jumper not only killed his victim, but he played soccer with his head!

It sounds like something that Stephen King would come up with, but sadly, it is real life. The day after Father’s Day is when this terrible illegal alien crime occurred, and that is when police discovered the decapitated head of 51-year-old James Garcia at least ten yards away from his bludgeoned body in a park located in Dona Ana County in New Mexico. To make matters worse, the alleged perpetrator of the crime, Joel Arciniega-Saenz, was a 25-year-old illegal alien who had been out on bail when he confessed to this gruesome crime. He confessed to this horrible murder after police found him near the body with blood-stained clothes and a bloody knife. He said that he did this because he thought that Garcia had raped his wife four years prior. So much for letting this violent felon out on bail!

According to CBS-4 News, Joel Arciniega-Saenz has an extensive criminal history. In 2017, Arciniega was accused of first-degree murder and he was held for a year in the county jail. However, they didn’t have enough to charge him and they had to drop the case. Last May, police arrested Arciniega-Saenz because he was vandalizing businesses by throwing rocks at them.

According to Breitbart News:

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement have indicated that Arciniega-Saenz has been in the United States as an illegal alien with a detainer from ICE on him, and they are now requesting that officials not release him from jail until they are able to assume custody.

“Under federal law, ICE has the authority to impose these immigration detainers with their partners in law enforcement when they have custody of individuals arrested for engaging in criminal activities and who ICE believe have probable cause that they should be removed from this country. They are noncitizens,” an ICE official said to Breitbart News. Well, no kidding! Let’s get this guy out of here so that he can wreak havoc in his own country! Let the judges in his own country release him out on bail if they want.

Apparently, former President Trump raised a valid point when he talked about how Mexico is not sending their very best to immigrate to this country!

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