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ANTIFA Tried To Ruin The Day, But Their Plan TOTALLY Backfired!

Oakland, California continues to see a tremendous spike in violence just like many other blue cities. This is due in part to the fact that the Democrats have pulled back on enforcing the law and defunding the police, and now criminals feel emboldened to commit crimes. However, communities are beginning to push back on this lawlessness. There was one event that was administered last week called “Stand Up For Safe Oakland” and it was a rally against gun violence.

The event consisted of 200 black families and police, and it was during this time that a “mostly white” group of ANTIFA goons were interrupting the event and they carried signs against the police. However, the rally-goers pushed back against the ANTIFA goons, telling them that they should “take that sh** somewhere else.” Pardon our French, but that is what they said.

The ANTIFA goons were doing their best to drown out these “mostly black speakers” because they were naming and remembering various homicide victims. However, the participants in the rally were not having it, and they began to confront the ANTIFA group and let them have it.

Of course, a lot of people were upset simply because they recognized a lot of the individuals from that neighborhood, and it was clear to them that the ANTIFA goons were simply not from the area.

Oakland continues to see a massive spike in homicide with 71 and there is no question that ANTIFA is not helping anything.


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