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What This Liberal Congresswoman Did For Illegal Aliens Will Put Us All In Danger!

By now, it shouldn’t be rocket science to anyone that not only is AOC a far-left liberal, but so is Democrat Rashida Tlaib as well. How were we supposed to know that she was also putting legal Americans at risk by her disastrous policies where she is calling for the defunding of immigration services?

In the included video, we can see Soros-connected Julie Mao of the radical group “Just Futures Law” and she is discussing her future plans with Tlaib regarding immigration. Tlaib said that immigration agencies are “inept” and they are trying to “terrorize” illegals in various communities and so they must be defunded. She would continue the open border policy that her boss Joe Biden implemented.

America is being invaded at the Southern Border, but one thing that you can take to the bank is that the liberals couldn’t care less about this at all. They are just fine with you footing the bill for all of the needs of these illegal immigrants and people who aren’t even legal citizens of the United States. She is putting you and me totally last!

Moreover, the organization that Julie Mao is from supports not only open borders but the anti-police movement as well: Julie Mao is bad, bad news because she is the co-founder and deputy of Just Futures Law and she has nearly a decade of experience in immigrant rights, police accountability, and the labor rights movement. Mao was also a senior attorney at the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild and she represented the New Orleans’ Center For Racial Justice. She has represented immigrants in civil rights litigation against the abuses and corruption of law enforcement. She also worked with community members to stop them from being deported.
Mao has also kept herself busy by engaging in local strategies that challenge the prosecution of migrants, including stopping the police from colluding with ICE. Julie is a graduate of the NYU School of Law, and she was also a Root-Tilden-Kern Scholar and a student of the NYU Immigrant Rights Clinic. This woman was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, so she’s definitely terribly dangerous.

She’s connected to Soros? What a shock.


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