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What Biden Just Did Proves He May Have Horrific New Dementia Symptoms!

Can we all finally admit to ourselves that it’s more than possible that the President of the United States has some serious dementia symptoms? The man was touring a cherry orchard to prop up his infrastructure plan, and he said something that is very disconcerting, to say the least. And of course, a little side note here, but who is planning these outings for President Biden anyway? How does a cherry orchard in Michigan illustrate infrastructure?

But before I digress too much, Biden was greeting the crowd and suddenly he asked, “What am I doing?” No, he wasn’t being facetious like Admiral James Stockdale who was working as Ross Perot’s running mate in 1992. Biden literally seemed to be very confused at that particular moment.

But how could he be confused? How is it possible that he could not be aware of what he was doing when all he is doing is walking along a rope line shaking hands? All in all, it wasn’t a good day for President Biden, as he also appeared to be feeble and confused when he was asked about Russia.

The local news clip shows much more about Biden’s appearance. At the 1:46 point in his video, Biden does something very odd. The man literally starts to repeat a move that he had made when he had met the LA Dodgers at the White House. The man started kneeling in front of the crowd while he was holding onto the rope. You can bet your bottom dollar that the gossip about the POTUS was just flowing at some of the local diners surrounding this Antrim County Michigan orchard.

This man has dementia. He shouldn’t be president, and it’s frightening that we have such a weak leader in Biden. It’s also sad to watch someone deteriorate this much on the national stage as well.

When is this charade going to end?


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