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One Brave Patriot Has Had ENOUGH And Ripped Gwen Berry A New One!

“The original purpose of the Olympics was in order to unite nations! It wasn’t for you to make it all about yourself. I am so sick of this mentality pushed by the Democrat party that regardless of the opportunities that our great country has afforded you, if your skin color is anything other than white, you are dealing with oppression. Get a grip.”

These are words of conservative commentator Alexandra Lains, who is weighing in on the latest controversy surrounding Gwen Berry, the ungrateful Hammer Thrower who was caught at the Olympics disrespecting our flag and our national anthem at the Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon. It was reported by conservative outlets everywhere when it occurred a couple of weeks ago.

Lains keeps a Twitter account, and she describes herself in this manner: “Christian. Commentator. 2nd Generation Immigrant. Military Spouse. RSBN Contributor. Everyone’s Favorite Verbal Sniper.” At the bottom of her description, she also adds “God Bless America.” Ask any fan of conservative politics, and they will tell you that she would be well within her rights to insert the term “Rock Star” into that description as well.

Disgusted with the ungrateful and embarrassing way that Ms. Berry has disrespected America, Alexandra Lains had some things to say about that. She came out swinging, referring to Berry as a “3rd place loser.” Either way, Berry continues to self-identify as a victim of racial oppression, and she turned her back when the national anthem was being played and here is the incredulous reason behind it: she literally thought that someone was playing that national anthem ON PURPOSE and she “felt like it was a set-up.” Oh brother. Typical liberal victim, believing that everything that takes place should be viewed in regards to how it affects them personally.

“Imagine thinking that you are so special that our beloved national anthem would be played just to get even with you. It’s played to show gratitude for the country that is making your dream of playing in the Olympics possible.” Agreed. Gwen Berry should be ashamed of herself.


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