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Why Were The So Called Republican Elite AWOL During The Audit?

You’ve got to hand it to the members of the Arizona Senate. They at least had the courage to demand a forensic audit of the 2020 Election in Maricopa County even in the face of tremendous challenges from the corrupt Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (incidentally, these are mostly Republicans), the Democrats, and this criminal Deep State that they all call home. Interestingly enough, why have all of the self-proclaimed “real” Republicans not visited the audit while it was actually in progress at the Coliseum in Arizona? Good question.

Mike Pence was the governor of Indiana and then Donald Trump’s vice president, and he had a chance to save the union and call for a real forensic audit in the states where there had been two sets of delegates sent to the U.S. Congress on January 6th, but he chose to be a coward instead. He decided to hand the election over to corrupt Biden supporters and RINOs who stole the election even while then-President Trump was still speaking.

Not one time since then has Pence called for an audit of the corrupt elections that had taken place across the union. Now that Arizona is wrapping up, he continues to remain silent. One has to wonder what Pence’s position will be when the corruption of Maricopa County is revealed in the next couple of weeks….hmm…

Now on to one Mr. Mitt Romney….he claims that he is a “real” Republican. Is that really true? Just what has he been up to since the 2020 election? The man hates President Trump and Romney must know that no one will ever vote for him again simply because of his disastrous 2012 run against Obama and the garbage that he shares about President Trump. No, this man was never going to praise the election audit in Arizona.

Now, let’s discuss McConnell and McCarthy. These two gentlemen are birds of the same feather, and neither one of them are worth that much, if anything, in the GOP halls of the U.S. Congress. These two men only paid lip-service to Donald Trump even on their good days, and now they seem to be pushing Tim Scott to be the next President. Just why are they so eager to label President Trump as violent when there wasn’t a single violent act at a Trump rally even with attendance of over 1 million?

Now that the audit from the Arizona election is coming to a close, you have to wonder where these leaders are at. There has not been a peep from them at all. What are they going to do if the audit shows that Trump actually won Maricopa County and the entire state of Arizona?

We’re not done yet, however. What about that crazy and mad Liz Cheney? The woman is just about as ravenous as Nancy Pelosi, especially considering that the comments she has made about President Trump are vile and disgusting. She definitely should have been kicked out of the Republican Party, but they don’t seem to have much of a spine for anything nowadays. Not to mention Mitt Romney’s niece, Ronna McDaniel, who is now the Chairman of the Republican Party. She never visited Arizona’s audit, so she is just as bad as the rest of them.

Are these people going to apologize? Are they going to show their support of Arizona and the Constitution if the audited results show that President Trump won? Or are they going to continue to work against President Trump when these and several other audits show that he might be a victim of fraud?

Seriously, do these RINOs know that there is a growing segment of the population that think that Senile Joe couldn’t have possibly gotten 81 million votes in this past election? Do they realize that they are disliked just about as much as some of the politicians across the aisle?

If these “Republicans” were worth their salt, they would be demanding full forensic audits in every state NOW. Instead, they are just standing by as courageous Americans such as the ones in the Arizona Senate take shot after shot from criminal and corrupt members of the media.

Don’t Americans deserve politicians that work for them instead of these AWOL RINOs? AWOL, AWOL, AWOL…that’s about the only way to describe them.


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