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New Poll REVEALS How Many Think Trump Will Be Back In Office By End Of Year!

There is a new poll by The Hill/HarrisX that shows that even though 70% of members of the GOP have doubted that President Trump could return to the White House this year, there is still a surprisingly large amount of individuals who think it’s possible. First, the ones that doubted this possibility were 70% of Republicans, 74% of independents, and 87% of Democrats.

However, this poll also accounts for the large faction that STILL BELIEVES that such a reinstatement is possible. Within that group, we see 30% of Republicans, 26% of Independents, and 13% of Democrats who believe that Trump could return to the White House, not after the 2024 election, but BEFORE because of the possibility that evidence of fraud is uncovered.

There are a couple of things to note with these numbers. First of all, they are not reflective of the percentage of voters that still wholeheartedly support Donald Trump; those numbers are much higher. Rather, this poll shows the number of people who believe that reinstatement of Trump back to the White House is possible after a “smoking gun” of fraud in the election is revealed. Unfortunately, what this poll doesn’t reveal is that there is no such mechanism in place that would allow President Trump to take over a sitting president’s position if fraud were proved beyond a shadow of a doubt.

They conducted this poll online with 942 registered voters. The Hill noted that the margin of error is plus or minus 3.19 percentage points. Interestingly enough, no breakdown of party affiliation was listed in this poll.

Is it possible that Trump will be reinstated due to massive fraud in the election results? Yes, but it is highly unlikely. It would definitely trigger a constitutional crisis, but in a way we are already in a constitutional crisis of sorts what with Sleepy Joe in there and Kamala Harris only ONE HEARTBEAT away from the presidency. Yes, that same woman that thinks going for a photo op near the border ONLY AFTER Trump visited it constitutes being a border czar could end up being POTUS. Only the health of a 79-year-old man is stopping it.

The fact that this poll that President Trump has so much unwavering support tells me that he definitely should consider a 2024 run. Could he become the next Grover Cleveland? With these numbers, it’s a very real possibility.

What do you think about this poll?


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