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Leftist Thug Reporters Threatening Anyone Associated With Matt Gaetz!

“They’re coming for me because I fight for the people. And I always will.” These were the words of leadership from Matt Gaetz (R-FL), and if you are not familiar with the man, this is normal behavior for him. He doesn’t pull any punches.

Of course, you know that you’re definitely the target when insane leftist reporters start jumping in and harassing everyone that has anything AT ALL to do with you, including those in your inner-circle, outer-circle, and even those that just passed you by in the hallway. You should definitely take note of the frightening and relentless harassment that has been heaped upon Matt Gaetz just simply because he is trying to be an advocate for the people. Of course, all of these lunatic leftists seemed to be obsessed with these courageous and effective legislators anyway. Simply put, folks, they’re coming for him because they know he is a threat and Mr. Gaetz makes them nervous.

Mr. Gaetz was speaking with John Soloman of Just The News: “Time and time again, one of the things that a reporter will do is just contact someone that it’s a possibility that I’ve had a relationship with, or maybe even just someone that I’ve had any type of relationship at all with, or it might have been a person where I was only in the same room with them on JUST ONE occasion,” Gaetz said on the John Soloman Reports podcast. “But these guys will say to a person, ‘You know, look, we are going to write your name into a story that will have sex trafficking and politician Matt Gaetz in the same headline unless you go ahead and give us some bad information, some embarrassing conduct that me, Gaetz, was involved in. And if you are able to do that, your name will be protected, your reputation will be protected.'”

Matthew Phelan has become a liberal hero in this regard because he continues to harass a number of Gaetz associates and he demands that they basically make stuff about Mr. Gaetz as a form of blackmail so that they can keep out of trouble from the law and stay out of the news themselves.

Indeed, there was a lady from Gaetz’s district who was contacted by Phelan, but she emailed him back and she was adamant that she has “never been harassed by Matt Gaetz. All of my interactions with him or anyone in his office have been respectful and kind. You claim that someone had told you that I was the recipient of some kind of death threat from his office, but that just isn’t true.”

You can bet your bottom dollar that Mr. Phelan didn’t care for that answer when he reported back to his Mother Jones office.

Phelan wasn’t done yet, however. He proceeded to leave a twisted email that accused Mr. Gaetz of a litany of things, including accusations that the man is “secretly bisexual”, regularly will have secret rendezvous with men, has potential accidentally killed someone like liberal icon Ted Kennedy did at Chappaquidick, and he is blackmailed because they’re holding “a handful of sex tapes” against him.

If Phelan was the only rabid reporter that was out to get Gaetz it would be bad enough. However, Jose Pagliery of the extreme-left Daily Beast blog has gotten in on the action as well, texting different associates of Matt Gaetz, both male and female alike.

Rep. Gaetz did respond to the matter, saying that “the media has bullied people into lying about me, and now we are encountering more indisputable proof. This is not a free press, but it is an army of those who are placing America last. As I said, I fight for the people, and I always will.”

What do you think about this witch-hunt the liberals are imposing on Matt Gaetz?


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