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WOW: Liberals Have Just Turned On Jon Stewart!

Comedian Jon Stewart, long adored by his progressive fans, has now said the wrong thing for these “woke” individuals, and apparently, Mr. Stewart’s chickens have come home to roost. His offense? Well, he became the target of his fan’s outrage after he DARED to assert that the coronavirus pandemic may have indeed originated from a laboratory leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. GASP! This theory was once decried by the media as nothing more than a conspiracy theory, but it has gained significant traction in the last couple of months. Indeed, there are prominent scientists and experts both in the United States and overseas who have been calling for an investigation into the theory despite the repeated denials coming from Communist China regarding the role that the Wuhan lab might have played in this pandemic.

Just What is it that Stewart Said?

Stewart was speaking with Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show”, Stewart said that humanity owes “a tremendous amount of gratitude to science” because “science always has worked to ease the suffering of different things, including this pandemic, and this was more than likely caused by science.” Okay, point taken, but for these “woke” individuals on the left, that was Jon Stewart’s FIRST big mistake. Big no-no, Jon, big no-no. Stephen Colbert actually started the conversation, saying that there were investigators who were probing the chance that the pandemic had indeed originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Stewart retorted, “A chance?!” “Oh m god,” Stewart continued. “We have a novel respiratory virus overtaking Wuhan, China, and what is that we do? Oh, you know, who is it that we could ask? Oh wait, we could ask Wuhan, because that’s the name of the virus! The virus is the same name as the virus, that’s a little too weird for me!” Stewart said. “And then we ask those scientists, ‘How did something like this – okay, so wait a minute. You work at this Wuhan lab, and you wonder how did this happen?’ and these people are like, ‘A pangolin kissed a turtle,'” Stewart mocked in his monologue.

“No! What about the name of your lab – look at your name. Let me see your business card! Show me the business card! Oh? ‘I work at the coronavirus lab in Wuhan.’ Oh, because now there is a coronavirus loose in Wuhan and how did that happen? Well, maybe it was because a bat flew into my turkey and then sneezed in my chili and now all of us have the coronavirus. Like, come on!”

Agreed, Mr. Stewart. Agreed.

But Stewart wasn’t done yet.

“Oh my god! There’s been an oubreak of chocolate goodness coming from Hershey, Pennsylvania. What do you think could have possibly happened?” he mocked. “Oh, I don’t know, is it possible that a steam shovel made it with a cocoa bean. Or it’s the f****king chocolate factory!”

Of course, Colbert pushed back a bit, saying that there was still a possibility that the COVID-19 did indeed come from bats, Stewart explained that Wuhan, China is not the only place where the world has a significant bat population. In fact, Stewart noted that Austin, Texas has a large bat population, but there is no such thing as the Austin coronavirus. Now, there might be some good music there, but no bat flu outbreak, that is for sure. “The only coronavirus we have is in Wuhan!” Steward exclaimed.

How Was the Reaction?

Of course, progressives were predictably not happy with the two’s dialogue. They turned their anger on Stewart for pushing what many believe is just a racist conspiracy theory about COVID-19. One viewer called it “extremely irresponsible.” Another called him a “crazy, MAGA Republican.” Still, another said that he was no longer his idol. Several of these supposedly “tolerant” liberals used the F-word. Oh brother. Kudos to Stewart, and maybe we will see him in a South Park episode sometime soon.

What do you think about this mess with Jon Stewart?



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