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Liberal Political Candidate CAUGHT Threatening To Blow Up Bus FILLED WITH CHILDREN!

There’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just come out with it. A current political candidate in Washington once threatened to blow up a school bus full of children, and of course, the students attempted to flee this potentially deadly situation. However, when they did so, this wannabe-terrorist added insult to injury by calling them “white cowards”, according to court documents.

Ubax Gardheere has made a name for herself not only by running for the King City Council in the Seattle area, but also by being the director of the Equitable Development Division in Seattle’s Office of Planning and Community Development, working with a myriad of different organizations on “anti-displacement efforts in high-displacement and risky neighborhoods, with an emphasis on serving BIPOC communities that have been targeted by continual systemic and institutional racism.

In other words, she labels herself as a community organization that is “focusing on systemic healing and policy.” Gardheere calls herself a “bureactivist” and says that she has “extensive experience in social justice and other transformational actions.”

“Gardheere prioritizes working in community development and is dedicated to building an inclusive vision with many of Seattle’s BIPOC, low-income and working-class individuals,” her website claims. “Gardheere believes that all humans deserve safety, shelter, respect, and economic opportunity.”

Well, unfortunately, Gardheere didn’t take her very own advice many years ago when she encountered some school children. There was no respect or safety to them!

On January 12, 2010, Gardheere allegedly boarded a school bus while the bus driver was busy transporting the children. She demanded that the bus driver tell his dispatcher that there was “a national security incident going on” according to the Post Millennial, which broke this story. Gardheere is a Somali immigrant, and she began yelling at the children, ranting and raving about America’s relationship with Somalia, according to the police report.

Even though the school bus driver admonished Gardheere to exit the vehicle, she only retaliated by saying that there was a possibility that she had a bomb and a gun, according to court documents.

“You all need to calm yourselves down because it’s possible I have a bomb!” She exclaimed. “How do you know that I don’t, because look at how loose my clothes are,” Gardheere said, according to an audio recording described in court records. “While she was speaking to these middle school students, the defendant claimed that she might have a gun and a bomb,” deputy prosecutor Gretchen Holmgren said to the King County court. “Of course, there were plenty of students who attempted to escape out of the back of the bus, but the defendant called them cowards and said they would be responsible if something happened to their classmates.” Holmgren continued. “There were a number of students who thought that this individual might have a weapon of some type and that she would kill them. They feared for their lives.”

Fox News reported, “The court documents also state that there was at least one student who heard her call these fleeing students that ‘white cowards’ label.”

This particular incident got even weirder, especially when Gardheere told the arresting officer that she was “prepared to die”, even though she had no weapons in her possession when she was arrested.

Gardheere was hit with felony charges of kidnapping, but she worked out a plea deal where prosecutors agreed that they would drop the felonies down to just misdemeanors.

It was only a few weeks after Ms. Gardheere made threats to bomb a school bus full of middle schoolers that Gardheere gave an interview to the Seattle Weekly periodical. Gardheere told the paper that she had been suffering from postpartum depression even though her son had been born as long as three years prior to that.

“She said that her mental condition had worsened after she went to Dubai to see her in-laws when she was on her way to visit Somalia in 2008,” the 2010 article read. “According to her account, she had also been nearly raped by someone and beaten up by the police when she tried to report it.”

That is probably the main reason why she told the publication, “I’m thinking in my head, ‘What is it that I can say or do that will get me taken to a jail instead of a mental institute?”‘

Now, fast forward to over a decade later, and Gardheere is running for the King City Council. Most of her political aspirations are to work to replace capitalism with something that is an “economic system that is based on abundance and communal living for not just communities of color but all people.”

She continued. “Our current economic system has a hierarchy, oppression and extraction, but those things are needed for it to maintain itself. This is why this system will divide people according to race, ableism, class and gender and this is one of the main reasons why anything who is different is viewed as nothing more than an expendable resource.”

During a recent interview with the South Seattle Emerald, the far-left candidate said that a “moderate Democrat” is nothing to emulate. Rather, this type of political persuasion is simply someone who has “adjusted to whiteness.”

Even though she once threatened to blow up a school bus, Gardheere is being endorsed by State Senator Rebecca Saldana, who said that she would “follow Ubax anywhere.” All right, Ms. Saldana, just as long as you don’t follow this woman to another school bus, I guess we are in good shape.

What do you think about just how liberal Seattle has become that they are actually TAKING THIS THREATENING WOMAN SERIOUSLY? Feel free to share your comments!


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