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Clueless Joe Being Led Around By Jill Like Six Year Old!

Even though he is now the President of the United States, Joe Biden continues to act like a class clown. Indeed, it’s probably unintentional, and we are all kind of used to it by now, but he’s certainly not playing a good role on his first overseas trip as leader of the free world.

Indeed, part of the reason for this is because he was giving a speech to American troops stationed in the United Kingdom, and he seemed to lose focus. Indeed, it was so much so that his wife actually admonished Joe to “pay attention” to the subject in her speech.

This is the presidential speech that kicked off an international trip that is going to include a G-7 summit as well as a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to a Fox News report. However, let’s cut to the chase here. Folks, we are only five months into this new administration, never mind the fact that it seemed like he won on a questionable basis. If Biden’s continual gaffes are a sign of things to come, it’s going to be a long four years of the Bidens embarrassing us on the world stage.

Biden’s audience was located in Suffolk, England, and he barely even had time to sit down before he was treating the crowd to one of his trademark gaffes.

Just to sum it up, the service members began to take their seats, and instead of showing leadership, President Biden seemed to be in awe of the process.

This all begs the question: is the rest of President Biden’s trip going to be gaffe-free? Well, judging from his track record, probably not. Shame I’m not a betting man. I could make a fortune on whether Biden will make one of his gaffes or not!

The fact that Joe was staring down the service members actually prompted the first lady to turn from the microphone and say, “Joe, pay attention,” and this provoked a lot of laughter from the crowd.

Biden just played it off, and even gave a mock salute to his wife, prompting even more laughter from the crowd.

Of course, this is President Biden that we’re talking about, so you can rest assured that the rest of the event wasn’t free of Joe Biden’s mistakes and goof-ups. It was in the middle of his own speech, no less, that Biden quipped that he “keeps forgetting” that he is president. Notwithstanding the alert from some of us from the right, this did elicit more laughs from the mostly-supportive liberal crowd. However, this isn’t a game of monopoly or that Oregon Trail computer game we all played in school, Mr. President. This is serious business, and if you “keep forgetting” that you are president, then what do you think our enemies are doing?

Biden wasn’t done with his antics, however. Not too long after this event, he acted out once again during a short conference with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“Thrilled to meet your wife,” Biden said to Johnson, and then he proceeded to tell reporters that both of them had “married way above their station.” It certainly seems cute on the surface. Here is this old man that has made comments without passing them through a mental filter. My 90-year-old grandmother used to do that as well, and it turned out it was the first stage of dementia. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s going to be a long four years, folks.

Do you agree that President Biden’s behavior is not the leadership that we need? Feel free to share your comments regarding this.


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