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WWE Star Caught Making Racist Statement About Mixed Race Children!

A WWE star is now being forced to apologize after she encountered a public backlash over her decision to wear a T-shirt that jokingly offered racial mixing as one particular solution to racism.

Jessi Kamea could very well advocate for this type of idea, especially considering that she is half Japanese and half Hawaiian. However, she is doing damage control now, saying that she simply didn’t realize that her T-shirt was going to be so offensive. All I’ve got to say is, welcome to cancel culture, Jessi.

“Hi everyone! I just wanted to apologize about the t-shirt post that I recently took down,” she said on Twitter.

“I didn’t realize that this post would offend so many people and I didn’t realize that it was going to affect so many individuals in a negative way. My only intention with this post was to support and to also support the message that we should end Racism,” she explained.

“I’m a mixed baby, and I’m proud of both of the heritages that I have, so the shirt looked cool to me,” she continued. “I’m shocked and enlightened by all of these responses, thank you. I hope ya’ll have a nice day,” the WWE star concluded.

Even though Kamea has now deleted the post with the shirt, screenshots of it were shared throughout social media by both supporters and detractors alike.

The deleted photograph shows Kamea wearing a shirt with a black bear and a white bear along with a black and white bear cub in between them. Emblazoned on the shirt is the headline, “END RACISM. MAKE MIXED BABIES.”

While many sent messages of support for Kamea and her meme, some were still offended.

“Her post was in support of ethnic cleansing. I’d say it’s worth an apology,” said one critic on Twitter.

“You don’t see a problem with it because it’s still on Instagram where they are just as ignorant for praising this type of rhetoric that fetishizes interracial relationships,” read another angry tweet.

There were many individuals who sent messages of support to Kamea regarding this idea, but there were plenty who were still offended.

“Her post was supporting ethnic cleansing. I would say that it is worth an apology,” one critic on Twitter said.

“You don’t see a problem with this post because it’s still on Instagram where they are just as ignorant for praising this type of behavior that fetishizes interracial relationships,” was another angry response.

Yet another offended party said that all she was doing was reducing mixed-race children to political props, or “tools” and that this shirt was just doing the opposite of what she wanted it to do.

This WWE star is apparently learning the hard way that cancel culture and liberalism are alive and well in this country. Yet another attempt at being “woke” that totally backfired.

What do you think about this issue from this WWE star? Feel free to share your comments!

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Meta Description: A WWE star is now having to do some serious damage control because she wore a t-shirt that encourages people to make mixed-race children.
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