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Yet Another BLM Leader Calling For ALL OUT WAR!

There was yet another BLM leader who was on video who was calling for ALL OUT WAR. He was saying that other BLM leaders needed to play hard ball with the police, and they needed to hit them with whatever they have. However, Winston “Boogie” Smith had a very long rap sheet, to say the least.

You probably have noticed by now that I am talking in the past tense. Well, unfortunately, Winston “Boogie” Smith is the latest BLM fatality. When news of the death of Smith broke, there wasn’t much known about them. However, it all boiled to a head after an evening of BLM looting stores and setting fires at places like CVS and T-Mobile. Apparently, this 32-year-old had a rap sheet that was a mile long, and he had a warrant out for his arrest for aggravated assault. According to the police report, once the police confronted him, he “produced a handgun” and ended up being shot by the responding officer.

Some reporters decided to look into the background of BLM participant Winston “Boogie” Smith and they discovered that he wasn’t a big fan of either the police nor was he a big fan of peaceful protests either.

Boogie Smith shared a video on his Instagram account where this part-time rapper discussed how he thought that the protesters were doing it all wrong. He said that the “hands in the air” method where the protesters were asking for justice was the wrong method. Instead, he suggested that they should bring the same weapons that the police have when they go to the next protest. Well, we definitely can see how well that turned out for him. You play stupid games, you get stupid prizes, I suppose.

“Asking for justice?” he posited in this video, adding, “Seriously, that’s the plan y’all have? Motherf**kers have been killing y’all for years and years now! Hey, I ride with my stuff for years. When it comes to me, that’s not my plan at all!”

Of course, this dude continued to run his mouth. “Yes, I’m comin’ to the protest, but I’ll be bringing the same sh** they be bringin'”

Smith posted yet another video to his Instagram account, and in this one he detailed how he was imploring his brothers and sisters to stop with the peaceful “Martin Luther King Jr. nonsense” and start bringing some weapons to the protests.

Winston “Boogie” Smith said the following: “Whoever’s at these protests in Minnesota, what with all of these killings, they not saying the right sh**. Y’all telling the motherf***kers to come out with their hands up for some type of peaceful protest. Screw that. Screw anybody who are peaceful right now. Go get y’all some gasoline at the store, Go get y’all some dish soap. If you scared you ain’t go no gun, you don’t need one. Get glue, get bleach, get something, anything, that you can throw at these f*cks. That way, ain’t nobody gonna be begging for no justice!”

Smith wasn’t done yet, and he told his followers that they needed to “get ready for war!” He kept going with his rant, saying that the police would have to “move on these ops” and adding, “Suit up. Start lacing your boots up, it’s f*cking war time. Bring your gun to this protest. Not only that, but bring your rocket launcher too! Bring all that you been rapping about!”

Get ready, folks, because this guy is going to end up being glorified in the media. The Democrats and the other liberals are going to try to convince everyone that he was an angel. They are going to do this so that they justify the rioting and lawlessness by BLM and ANTIFA as their way of “honoring” the life of Winston Boogie Smith. Get ready, folks. We’ve seen this movie before.

Do you agree that this is what might happen? Feel free to comment on this serious issue for sure.


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