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He Tried To HIJACK THE PLANE, What They Did To Him Is Totally Heroic! [VIDEO]

There is now a viral video that is showing an unruly passenger on a recent Delta flight that tried to storm the cockpit of the well-known commercial airline. Needless to say, it didn’t work out so well for him, and he ended up laying on the floor of the aisles getting hogtied with zip ties. The FBI is now investigating just what prompted this individual to get so disorderly.

Delta Flight 386 had been flying from Los Angeles International Airport to Nashville when a man tried his hand at storming the cockpit of the airplane. A passenger was interviewed by CNN and told them that the man “seemed to be unprovoked, and he just got up and rushed the pilot cabin and tried to bang on the doors.”

The video shows this barefoot passenger repeatedly screaming that they should “stop the plane!” I don’t know if this guy has seen too many Final Destination movies or what….

Anyhow, at least in this case the story has a happy ending for the rest of the passengers, because passenger Grace Chalmers reported that the man was quickly taken down by another passenger and then he was immobilized by the cabin crew. Chalmers also reported to CNN that they held the man on the floor for approximately 20 minutes.

have to give credit to both the flight attendants and some of the passengers here. They immediately jumped into action, tackling the man and wrestling him to the ground. They all worked together to subdue the wild man in order to ensure that all of the other passengers would be able to fly safely. They zip-tied the man’s hands and feet and he was carried to the back of the plane.

They had to divert the Delta flight to Albuquerque where the passengers had to wait an extra five hours before Delta could make arrangements to help them get to their final destination in Nashville. The passengers were reportedly able to get to Nashville about five hours late, but if that’s the worst that happened to them it’s definitely all well and good.

Luckily, no one was injured in this incident, and the hijacker was taken into custody.

One of the passengers told KCAL-TV that the man appeared agitated, frightened, on drugs or in the middle of a mental health crisis.

There was an individual who posted another YouTube video and he claimed to be a passenger on the third row. He thanked the crew for springing into action so quickly.

“I was in the third row of this flight, and I was a witness to everything. It was terrifying but our @Delta flight attendant Christopher Williams acted very quickly and so did several other passengers around me. I am safe but I am still in Albuquerque. Hope that Delta gives Chris and the other staff every bit of recognition and a bonus that he deserves.”

Delta also thanked those who did their part to help thwart the breach and hijack of the cockpit. Moreover, they gave a solid report of the entire incident: “Thanks to the entire crew and the passengers of Delta Flight 386, LAX to Nashville (BNA), who assisted in detaining this unruly passenger even though the flight had to be diverted to Albuquerque,” the aircraft noted in their statement. “Our Delta aircraft landed without incident and we removed this passenger and handed them over to law enforcement.”

The FBI also gave an update, saying that there is “no threat to the public at this time.”

Mercy! What do you think about this harrowing hijack incident on a Delta flight? Feel free to share your comments.


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