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The Washington Post Has Been FORCED To Admit What We Said The Whole Time!

It has taken 15 months, but the Washington Post has finally done it. They have finally produced a major correction to an old report that wrongfully termed the COVID-19 lab leak theory as nothing more than a “conspiracy theory” and something that had already been “debunked.”

The Details?

The report was originally published in February 2020, and it detailed some remarks made by GOP Senator Tom Cotton (AR) where he theorized that the origin of the virus may have come from a lab in Wuhan. The headline read, “Tom Cotton Keeps Repeating a Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory That was Already Debunked.”

Speaking with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo in regards to the virus, Cotton told her, “We simply do not know where this virus has originated, but we do have to get to the bottom of that. We know that it is just a few miles away from that food market where there is China’s only Biosafety Level 4 Super Laboratory that is devoted themselves to researching Human infectious diseases.”

“Now, we lack the evidence that the virus fully originated there,” the lawmaker admitted. “But based on China’s duplicity, dishonesty, and manipulation from the beginning, we will at least have to ask ourselves the question so that we can see what the evidence says. Needless to say, China is not giving up any evidence on that question at all.”

Do Cotton’s comments seem reasonable? Sure they do. However, they sure didn’t seem reasonable to the Post. The news staff appeared more interested in appeasing their Democratic base and keeping their talking points than it did reporting the actual news. Simply put, they didn’t want to engage the matter with any sort of intellectual curiosity.

Fast forward 15 months later, and now the lab leak theory has charged back on the scene, just like an NFL linebacker chasing down a quarterback. Not only has it become popular with those who have been following the story, but there are even those who admitted that it is possible who used to cut it down as preposterous. Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci, I’m looking at you all. However, it wasn’t only them, but the Post saw fit to change their tune as well. Ultimately, the editors at the Post elected to alter the headline to say, “Tom Cotton Keeps Repeating a Coronavirus Fringe Theory that Scientists Have Debunked.”

Good for them. However, the Post actually even went a bit further, saying that “Earlier versions of this story and its headlines were inaccurate in that they stated that comments by Tom Cotton (R-Ark) in regards to COVID-19 were “debunked.” In actuality, then as now, there is no determination as to the origins of the virus.”

What Else?

Even with the correction, the Post has still massively downplayed just how prominent the “Lab Leak” theory has become. Come to find out that now the “Lab Leak” theory has been described by the President as one of the theories that has been considered to be “likely” by the U.S. Intelligence Community.

However, even with ALL of that evidence, the liberal Post still insisted on calling it a “fringe” theory and stressed the point that “scientists are disputing it.”

The Lab Leak theory has been espoused for over a year by Conservative and Alternative Media Organizations, including this one, and we base that on the mounting circumstantial evidence. However, since the start of the pandemic, we continue to see this theory dismissed entirely by Democratic politicians and their cohorts in the media.

What do they have to hide?

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