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Top Official Has LEAKED Some Shocking Top Secret Material!

UFO hunter Lue Elizondo has a real story to tell. He used to be a top official but he is now giving the public some advance regarding what he thinks the Pentagon is about to confess by making the rounds on several different network studios. He is out to tell the public at large that yes, there is indeed some “exotic material” that is being stored in secret labs, and these items will literally defy all analysis. That is only a small part of the interesting story that the U.S. Congress is about to hear.

Information on the Astonishing Threat

Elizondo used to be one of the top government officials and it was simply his duty to hunt for UFOs. He is now speaking out on what the Pentagon likes to call the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. This is because Elizondo used to be in charge of it, and because of that he is now passing some shocking information to Tucker Carlson.

Interestingly enough, the people at the Pentagon by all accounts do not know just what it is that they have in storage. One of the ways that they dealt with this is that they simply classified the living whey out of this “exotic material.” There were about “26 incidents of this within a 30-day time period.”

In June, America is finally going to be able to see all of the evidence. For the first time in a long time, lawmakers actually grew a pair and so they finally ordered the Pentagon to come clean about what they know about UFOs. Considering this is some tremendous phenomena that literally EVERYONE has an opinion on, the Pentagon is not too thrilled over this recent turn of events. But after nearly eight decades, don’t the American people have a right to know the truth? That’s why the Pentagon is finally admitting that yes, UFOs are real, and yes, the problem is serious.

As a matter of fact, we seem to be infested with UFOs and we aren’t sure if these UFOs are friendly or not. “Let’s just take away for a minute what the source of this could be, and lets pretend that its either Chinese or Russian, but either way, it isn’t a good scenario, because that means someone what that advanced a piece of technology can encroach on U.S. airspace not only at us, but regularly and routinely without any consequences. And no one realizes how serious a problem this could be and no one wants to do a darn thing about it,” Elizono said.

According to Elizondo, there “is one specific thing that we should learn.” That would be the fact that “the U.S. government knows about this topic and they have known about it for a while.” Not only that, but they have administered a report that is “a threat assessment that is supposed to be conducted at the unclassified level and have it provided to the U.S. Congress.” One thing regarding this UFO information is for sure, however. “This information is going to be comprehensive,” Elizondo said.

At present, only one snag might hold up the works. “What we are probably going to get is something that is much more watered down,” Elizondo said. “More obfuscation is the last thing we need.” However, if the report is, indeed, a bit watered-down, it will definitely have its fair share of whistleblowers.

The “Physical Evidence”

One of the things that Tucker Carlson wanted to know would be some of the examples of the “physical evidence” that is rumored to be lurking in the shadows. Is there wreckage or bodies stashed in Area 51? “There are plenty of whispers that there is physical evidence. Do you believe this is true?” Carlson asked Elizondo. His guest was so adamant that he might have well have said, “Heck Yes.” Elizondo said, “I do believe that that is true,” Elizondo said. “I think we need to be looking at this and we definitely need to be more transparent with the American people.”

Agreed. The last thing that the government should do would be to lie to the American people. However, there is only so much information that Elizondo can get away with leaking at this point.”I’ll leave it at this: the United States is in possession of exotic material. We need to do more analysis, but this material is unique and it needs additional expertise.”

To his credit, Elizondo is thankful that there still “pockets in the American government that are willing to have this conversation and conduct this analysis.” Elizondo is careful not to name names though. “Frankly, I’m worried about reprisals,” he admitted.

Elizondo is encouraged in one at least one respect, however. He noted that the 60 Minutes report definitely illustrated that there are plenty of people interested in this topic and willing to stand up for the truth. Of course, for Elizondo this all begs the question: just why does the United States Government continue to lie about this, and his take on this is that they “lie because they always have, and they have kind of been backed into a corner.” However, “that’s the beauty about transparency. Once you shine a light into something it’s only a matter of time before you see certain things and the truth comes out.” What do you think about Mr. Elizondo’s findings? Do you think that there really is such a thing as UFOs? Feel free to share your thoughts!


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