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What One California Restaurant Did To Vaccinated Patrons Is HILARIOUS!

Apparently, there is a restaurant in Northern California that is now charging their patrons an extra fee if they come into their establishment wearing a face covering or if they are heard “bragging” about being vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus.

Patrons of Fiddleheads Cafe in Mendocino, California are now being greeted with a sign that is posted on the front door of the restaurant that is warning them about this new charge.


This message does tell customers ahead of time that they are going to be dinged this “additional $5 fee” if these individuals are “found to be bragging” about being the recipients of the coronavirus vaccine. To date, there are no reports on whether this restaurant plays recording artist Johnny Rivers’ “The Rockin Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu”, but I digress. Cafe owner Chris Castleman told a local radio station that some customers have gone ahead and paid the fee, but at the same time, there have been others who expressed outrage at it.

At the end of the day, Castleman said that he describes the fee as something that would be an optional donation to charity, and he suggested that the main reason he implemented the fee is that he wanted to show how “freedom of choice” is becoming a concept that is not very popular in the liberal bastion that is California. Castleman said that the money is donated to local charities that assist domestic abuse victims.

“Our customers either love or hate the deal,” Castleman said. “There are some people who will refuse to pay it, and oh well, I guess a $5 charity donation is too much for them. Others are gladly paying this extra fee because they know that it will go to a good cause. I don’t force anyone to pay this fee. Instead, they get the freedom of choice, which seems to be a strange concept to many in this part of the country.”

Castleman did a separate interview where he alluded to a common refrain that the act of wearing a face mask is just a “small price to pay” if you want to protect yourself and your neighbors from COVID-19.

“I’ve been told for the whole entire time that this COVID pandemic has been going on in California and the rest of country that this is a ‘small price to pay’, but there are some people who get shocked and disgusted when they see this sign,” Castleman told the leading California newspaper SFGate. “When these people are asked to pay $5 for charity, they realize that this isn’t in their wheelhouse. They notice right away that this is not something they are choosing to do.”

Elected officials in Mendocino County are currently requiring all residents to observe their required face mask order. This would include being inside restaurants even when the patrons are not eating or drinking. Mendocino County is still limiting their restaurants to 50% indoor capacity.

This controversy is nothing new for Castleman, who posted a sign in April that said, “THROW YOUR MASKS IN THE TRASH BIN AND RECEIVE 50% OFF YOUR ORDER.”

There was another sign that he ultimately removed, which told his patrons that they could “get their free COVID-19 Vaccine card here!”

What do you think about this outspoken restaurant owner in Mendocino County? Feel free to share your thoughts!



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