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Facebook Has Finally Seen The Light On What We ALL SAID About COVID!

Interestingly enough, it looks like the Facebook corporation is now ready to suggest something that we as conservatives have known all along: they are ready to believe the possibility that COVID-19 was indeed man-made in the Wuhan lab in China! The “virus lab theory” continues to gain traction since it was introduced a couple of months ago.

WHat Are the Details?

The social media giant has finally gave in, telling Politico on Wednesday that it was going to allow users to make posts that claimed that Coronavirus was indeed manufactured in a lab. This was described as a move that was an attempt to “acknowledge the renewed debate about the virus’ origins.”

The outlet reported:

Facebook announced last February that it was going to expand the list of misleading health claims that it was going to remove from its platforms, including some of the ideas that COVID-19 was nothing more than a “man-made or manufactured” virus. Facebook was also going to revise its running list of debunked claims over the course of the history of the pandemic. Facebook has become well-known for flagging and even punishing users who question the official COVID-19 narrative from the government and other well-known entities.

This move draws further scrutiny on the “fact-checking” industry, and whether this regulation of various posts from social media giants such as Facebook is political in nature. For many months, former President Donald Trump had long suggested that COVID-19 could have been leaked from a lab, but that was dismissed and widely mocked from many members of the mainstream media as nothing more than a conspiracy theory, Facebook included.

Indeed, there was even a New York Times COVID-19 reporter who recently tweeted, “Someday, we are going to stop talking about this lab leak theory and possibly even admit that it has racist roots, but alas, that day hasn’t made it here yet.” Oh brother.

However, this was before the Wall Street Journal reported that multiple workers at the Wuhan became sick with many of the symptoms we have come to know and hate as COVID-19 in November 2019. The mainstream media and others were resistant to the idea of it leaking from a lab, but after that report, they did a total 180-degree turn.

Dr. Fauci himself dismissed these theories that the virus came from the lab, but he ultimately did a complete reversal, calling for an investigation into the origins of COVID and admitting that he is no longer “convinced” that this disease originated naturally as he long maintained.

This comes on the heels of President Joe Biden and his administration shutting down a State Department probe launched by the previous Trump Administration that was attempting to find the true source of COVID-19. Biden issued a statement where he called for the intelligence community to “redouble their efforts and try to find a definitive conclusion” between the theories of whether it was through a human coming into contact with an infected animal or through development in a lab and then being accidentally released. Kudos to Facebook for finally coming around, and what took you so long?

Do you agree with the possibility that this virus may have come from a lab? Feel free to comment below.


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