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Woman Confesses When Her Husband Wears A Mask, And It Is Insane!

A lonely woman has a confession to make. No, I’ve not suddenly switched to writing erotica, but this is about just as important: she confessed that her husband of five years will refuse to take off his mask, even during their lovemaking. You read that right: This man. never. takes. off. his. mask! This is occurring even though the two are fully monogamous and have both been fully vaccinated.

The woman has referred to herself as “maskless and alone” and she wrote into Slate’s “Dear Prudence” and she was detailing the extreme fear and paranoia that her husband has regarding his mask and the COVID-19 virus.

Earlier this month, the CDC announced that it was perfectly okay for fully vaccinated individuals to ditch their masks even in public settings, but apparently that doesn’t stop this guy from wearing his! “My husband will wear it to sleep, he will wear it for his bathroom activities, and he will even wear it during lovemaking,” the “Maskless and Alone” woman complained in the Dear Prudence section.

Of course, this all begs the question, how does this man eat. Apparently, he will do so, by simply “pulling up the mask to expose his mouth, and then he will quickly pull it down in between bites. While he will not insist that I do the same, I can tell that this is bothering me that I don’t join in. But I have been starting to go maskless outside, and I am going to dine at a restaurant for a girls’ night out.”

The woman also noted that she has attempted to reason with her husband, but he also balks at her suggestions by saying “what’s the harm” and “Scientists still don’t fully understand this virus yet.” Well, according to the woman, there is a lot of harm being done.

“I want to see my wonderful husband’s face again,” she wrote. “I want to be able to kiss him on the lips again, and I want to be able to do it without a piece of fabric blocking us.” The woman said that she is concerned about their future together, and the Dear Prudence author said that “what’s the harm is actually a very insidious phrase because it means that there is lots of damage being done.”

Again, folks, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

What do you think about how far some people are taking this mask-wearing nonsense? Again, we would love to hear your comments!



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