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What RAND PAUL’S WIFE Just Said About Death Threats Is Absolutely Perfect!

If you haven’t met Rand Paul’s wife, Kelley Paul, then you would be in for a real treat. She is a no-nonsense patriot, and she must have pioneer blood, because she isn’t the meek, Edith Bunker type either. She made it perfectly clear on Monday night that she and her husband are not going to tolerate any felonious behavior or death threats.

If thugs and other liberal haters want to continue to threaten her family, she is going to take matters into her hands. She is proud of Rand Paul and wants her lawmaker husband to continue to stand up for “constitutionally-protected liberties.” These liberal thugs should know that Rand Paul and his wife will not be intimidated. They will not hesitate to execute their Second Amendment rights.

What Happened?

Rand Paul and his wife received a suspicious package that had white powder and it was accompanied with a death threat. This was the day after Rand Paul had said that he had no plans to get the COVID-19 vaccine because he had already had the disease. Capitol police and the FBI are now investigating the incident, and they are thoroughly investigating the package for harmful substances.

The accompanying threat to Senator Paul had said, “I’ll finish what your neighbor started, you motherf***er,” and it had a picture of the senator in bandages along with a gun pointed at the lawmaker’s head. The note was referring to a 2017 incident where Rand Paul was attacked by a neighbor.

Senator Paul and his wife told politico, “I take threats like this extremely seriously. This is nothing more than a repeated type of violence, and it is reprehensible that Twitter will allow c-list celebrities the opportunity to encourage violence against me and my family. Just this weekend, 80’s pop star Richard Marx said that there should be more violence against me and now my wife and I have received this powder-filled letter.”

The lawmaker was referring to Richard Marx repeatedly saying things on social media such as that he would like to give Paul’s neighbor a “hug” and “buy him a round of drinks, as many as he can consume.”

Marx said that his posts were nothing more than a wise-crack about Sen. Paul’s neighbor and not to be taken seriously.

However, Kelley Paul is not backing down. She said that she was the one who received the death threat letter and she called the FBI. Sen. Paul’s wife didn’t find it funny in the least, and she even named names.
What Exactly Did She Say?

Kelley Paul’s message was very clear: we’re not backing down, and we are armed as well.

Her message wasn’t a message to everyday haters. Paul’s wife named names, listing such people as celebrities Richard Marx, Bette Midler, and even former “Teacher of the Year” Rodney Robinson, who called Rand’s neighbor a “true Kentucky hero” and called on Mitch McConnell’s neighbor to do the same to him.

“These death threats by these thugs will not be tolerated, and yes, we have guns.” How about that, liberals? Put that in your pipe and smoke it! What do you think about Kelley Paul’s tough response to her husband being bullied? Feel free to make your responses known!


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