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Sick Footage Shows Border Patrol Being Overrun By ARMY OF ILLEGALS!

There is now some new drone video footage that is showing an impressive group of at least 40 illegal aliens who are rushing the U.S.-Mexico border into La Joya, Texas. They are so large that you can easily see that they are heavily outnumbering the border patrol officers. In vain, this police force tried to stop them even as they dashed into the Texas pasture, going through the fences and streams.

Just What Happened?

The Fox News drone team captured some exceptional video Sunday morning of this group of dozens of undocumented individuals “running from the overwhelmed Border Patrol agents.” This particular group was made up of adults, and this included two men who looked to be handcuffed together, according to this Fox News outlet.

The video was taken by a Fox News drone and it shows the group crossing over into the outskirts of La Joya, Texas, a city of around 3,900 people. They are being chased by a lone Border Patrol agent in a truck. Moreover, this lone agent attempted to chase this group down to no avail simply because he was significantly outnumbered.

There was yet another clip that showed just one single agent that was attempting to chase this tremendously large group on foot. However, he was no match for them as they scaled the fences and walls and leapt over several narrow streams. According to Fox, only about 15 to 20 of these illegal aliens were ultimately taken into custody by Border Patrol agents.

Indeed, there was also a separate group of at least 50 migrants comprising Venezuelan, Guatemalan, El Salvadoran, Honduran, and even Romanian individuals who decided to turn themselves in rather than simply try to run from agents. Romania? If that doesn’t tell you just how problematic our border with Mexico truly is then I don’t know what will.

Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott told Fox News that he was going to send some additional resources to the Southern border so that these overwhelmed border guards could do their job more effectively. He cited not only the concerns with immigration, but also that massive increase in drugs that were smuggled across the border as well.

Indeed, to say that the drug problem in the southern border is getting bad would be an understatement. Just last week, there were some Border Patrol and Customs Agents who said that they had already seized more fentanyl this year than in all of 2020. Governor Abbott vouched for this, saying that there had been a tremendous 800% increase in fentanyl seizures by the Texas Department of Public Safety in April 2021 as compared to April 2020.

If drugs and people were the only things that were smuggled across the border, it would still be a handful for Border control officials. However, they also have to worry about the arrest of Mexican nationals who continue to attempt to smuggle high-powered firearms and ammo across the border as well. We need common-sense solutions for this border problem and not just more political rhetoric!

What do you think about how overrun the border has become? Don’t hesitate to post your thoughts on the issue!

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