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We Now Have PROOF Hunter Was Sleepy Joe’s Bagman!

Facebook and Twitter continue to get really famous for doing all of the wrong things, and this was definitely the case when they censored bombshell reporting by the New York Post regarding Hunter Biden. Well, even though Twitter and Facebook censured some important actions by Hunter Biden, we as conservatives can all thank our lucky stars for Judicial Watch. They obtained a tremendous amount of Secret Service travel records that show a shocking amount of flights that had been taken by Hunter Biden between 2009 and 2014.

According to Judicial Watch, Biden’s son Hunter took over 400 trips across 29 countries from 2009 to the middle of 2014. This would include 23 going to or from Joint Base Andrews flying home on either Air Force One or Air Force two.

The Secret Service records show that the countries and territories visited by Hunter Biden between June 2009 and May 2014 would include the following:

India and Ethiopia on June 14-22, 2009
Argentina on September 14-17, 2009
Spain and France on November 9-13, 2009
Canada on February 12-15, 2010
The Dominican Republic on February 18-22, 2010
Puerto Rico on March 20-27, 2010
China on April 6-9, 2010
United Kingdom, Spain, and Belgium on May 5-8, 2010
UK, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Ascension Island, U.S. Virgin Islands on June 6-13, 2010
South Africa and Denmark on August 9-24, 2010
China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong on April 16-22, 2011
Mexico on May 15-17, 2011
Colombia, France, United Arab Emirates, and France again on November 1-11, 2011
Russia and United Kingdom on February 15-18, 2012
The U.K., Germany, and France on February 1-5, 2013
UK and Ireland on March 20-22, 2013
China on June 13-15, 2013
Italy and Switzerland on July 26-August 7, 2013
South Korea, Japan, China, and the Philippines on December 2-9, 2013
China and Qatar on May 7-14, 2014
Simply put, the media have ignored the mystery of why Hunter Biden traveled to the above destinations.

One exception to this rule regarding the media silence would have to be when NBC reporter noted on October 2, 2019 was that one of the things that weren’t known at the time is that when Hunter Biden was accompanying his father on these diplomatic trips he was also taking steps to form a Chinese private equity fund and raise a tremendous amount of money. Moreover, there was a previous that showed even further interesting activities on his 2013 trip to China. He called that trip nothing more than a “social visit” but it appears that there was a lot more going on for Hunter than what met the eye at that time. For one thing, Hunter was meeting with Jonathan Li, a Chinese banker and partner in his fund. Interestingly enough, ten days after the younger Biden met was Li, he was approved for a Chinese business license not more than ten days later!

When you consider the fact that Hunter Biden even became a member of the board, you can see that there was definitely a tremendous amount of quid pro quo going on!

Hunter Biden worked the connections with foreign leaders during his Dad’s official trips on more than one occasion too. Yet another case of this would be, yes, that of Ukraine. Isn’t this something that the American people should know?

And here’s another pressing question for you to chew on…was HUnter the bag man for his dad? Is Joe the “big guy” that the emails in the computer that allegedly belonged to Hunter mention? Is now-President Biden the one who Hunter was pursuing lucrative deals, including with private energy companies in China?

Is this the same deal that Biden said in the New York Post would be “interesting” for me and my family?

In this particular email, Hunter Biden was listed as a chair/vice-chair depending on whatever the agreement might have been with the CEFC. Evidently, this was a reference to the former Shanghai-based Conglomerate CEFC China Energy Company.

They listed Hunter Biden’s pay as “850”…

Another interesting facet of the deal is that there is a provisional agreement where 80 percent of the equity was going to be split equally among four different people, including “H” evidently referred to Hunter. However, the mystery deepens even further when you look at the other initials in that e-mail.


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