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Sleepy Joe Just Broke Another Big Time Election Promise!

Although most individuals have never heard of the Flores Agreement, it is an important pact that provides guidelines for the proper treatment of migrant children. Well, Joe Biden has once again broken another campaign promise (what else is new) and it is in regards to this pact. President Biden ordered emergency shelters that are a clear violation of that pact, according to attorney Peter Schey, because they are “not licensed.” Indeed, the Flores Agreement is something that almost every budding immigration law student has studied because it has its very own niche in the field of immigration law. Peter Schey would know, because he deals with the Flores Agreement every single day when he works with his non-profit “Center For Human Rights and Constitutional Law.”

Of course, the imperial leader Joseph Robinette Biden is now taking issue with this. He has decreed that there is no one, not even liberal activists, who can question his decisions regarding immigration law. Biden might be sleepy, but he and the rest of the liberals have bullied and intimidated Peter Schey into silence.

According to Schey, his team “has been warned against pursuing this case in court.” This is definitely something that could become ugly. “They told us in no uncertain terms that if we put too much pressure on them for violating the Flores Agreement, they would play hardball.”

If you thought that Schey was the only progressive activist that was afraid to kick over the Biden beehive you would be mistaken. Indeed, there is some talk that there were “suggestions” that if Schey and his ilk were to rock the boat, the Biden Administration would simply “stop allow children older than fourteen into the country, thus removing 15-year-olds, 16-year-olds, and 17-year-olds.”

That is the last thing that Schey and his fellow immigration attorneys would want, because he doesn’t want to be responsible for that. “As bad as these conditions might be for these children in the convention centers and stadiums, it’s certainly better than them having to stay in a border town living on the streets where these children are subject to extortion, crime, sexual assualt, you name it.”

Liberals continue to fall all over themselves to pat Joe Biden and the rest of the officials at the palace for “actng quickly” in this regard. They jerked themselves off because they helped orphaned illegals to be removed from “jail-life conditions in these detention facilities on the U.S. southern border” and that they did it by the “tens of thousands” into these “safer” emergency shelters.

However, now that the liberals have taken a closer look at these “shelters”, they are “freaking out.” We saw a lot of very “traumatized children, who were in poor conditions in mass shelters, such as a military base in El Paso,” National Center For Youth Law Attorney Leecia Welch whines. Indeed, this grown woman is now traumatized herself at these conditions. Oh brother.

Tempted to Self-Harm

One of the other things that Welch did was tour the tent shelters at Fort Bliss. “These girls told us that a lot of them in that tent was crying a lot and they needed to talk to someone because they were thinking about self-harm.” However, don’t tell that to Joe Biden and his Imperial Palace. He thinks that everything is just fine and dandy! That is because Joe Biden and his Imperial Palace are currently hosting as many as “20,000 migrant children who came without their children” at Joe’s invitation.

Guess what, folks? I’m going to start catch-phrase here besides the one I already have, and it’s one that liberals and the Biden Administration don’t seem to quite understand: the road to hell is paved with good intentions, my friends. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

However, the problem is where to keep all of these migrant children? The Department of Health and Human Services has decided to stash them in places like a coliseum in San Antonio, a convention center in Dallas, and a former oil field in Midland, Texas. Hazmat issues, anyone?

All of this is occurring about the same time that Sleepy Joe says things like “C’mon man” when that “deplorable” former President Donald Trump had the sensible approach. However, how is it that Joe Biden’s approach is much better? He pats himself on the back for cutting down on the detention times, but there are siblings who are separated from each other and have no idea where they are located. Meanwhile, there are human rights attorneys who are becoming alarmed. “Converted warehouse facilities is nothing more than a mass detention of kids, and that is not where we should be going,” Attorney Clara Long said. Well, Ms. Long, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but yes, that is apparently where we are going.

Are you as perturbed about this lack of leadership from Biden regarding the Southern border as I am? Your comments would be appreciated!





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