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One Antifa Thug Just got Hit With An Epic Dose Of REALITY!

ANTIFA continues to terrorize the country, especially in Oregon, Washington, and Virginia. They do ridiculous things such as property damage, rioting, and even blocking freeways. However, now there is at least member of ANTIFA who is now going to be held accountable for his actions. Davon De-Andre Turner has been sentenced to a three-year prison term. He was found guilty of setting fire to a Minneapolis police station during the initial round of riots in the wake of the death of George Floyd last year. Apparently, Turner and two other individuals had heaved a Molotov cocktail into the police station and it started a fire that torched the building. Thus, he had arson charges against him.

ANTIFA Rioter Gets Prison Sentence

There was abundant evidence showing that Turner and the other ANTIFA members had traveled to Minneapolis with all of the tools needed for them to begin their mayhem. They had everything they needed to start fires and spread their poisonous arson anywhere they wished. And that is exactly what they did.

These arrested individuals were just one part of a mob that had broken into the Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct after the summer riots had consumed that city. Turner and his comrade Bryce Williams started off by setting fire to the precinct with their Molotov cocktails in their attempt to destroy the building. They also stole a tremendous amount of police equipment during the rioting, including body armor, ammunition, and a large array of weapons. If Minneapolis had been the only city that had been ruined by these riots after the death of George Floyd it would have been bad enough. However, similar acts of arson throughout other cities unfortunately became part of the landscape throughout the nation.

Turner is a rare exception for most of these ANTIFA members, because it appears that he is actually facing consequences for his actions during the riots. Indeed, few others have been charged, even though they too have committed atrocious acts of violence during their rioting activities.

Some Consequences For the Rioters

Unfortunately, this three-year sentence in federal prison is probably going to be one of the exceptions to the rule. Most of these ANTIFA protesters are going to get off much easier than this. That is definitely part of the reason this group continues rioting, almost exclusively in Portland, Oregon. They have basically escaped any consequences and to date there hasn’t been a crackdown from Portland’s Finest either.

Of course, this comes at the same time that federal authorities are passionately going after alleged right-wing protesters and giving them severe consequences. Meanwhile, they downplay any existence of ANTIFA related crime. Oh well, this has simply become commonplace for these agencies. That and if anyone dares to wear a “Make America Great Again” cap, they are viewed with suspicion. I swear, many of these thug liberals would rather have a registered sex offender living next to their house over a Trump supporter, but I digress.

The short sentence given to this Turner thug is definitely dwarfed by the severity of the punishments that are being faced by those who were involved in the January 6th protests at the Capitol. All I have to say is there is probably going to be more unrest on the way, folks. Is it possible that the sentencing of Turner is a sign of a renewed push from law enforcement to target left-wing terrorist groups? Not very likely. One can only hope, but not very likely.

Still, there is some reason for hope here. The fact that this ANTIFA thug is getting some consequences for his actions means that there are some actions where even a far-left simply cannot get away with.

What do you think about this prison sentence for this ANTIFA thug? Your comments would be appreciated!

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