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Biden Was Just Told To DUMP KAMALA!

After Joe Biden tapped Kamala Harris to be his Vice President, there were a lot of Republicans and even a few Democrats who were skeptical. After all, Kamala hadn’t done well in her own presidential bid. Even now, the chatter about her performance hasn’t entirely settled down, primarily because of Kamala’s apparent refusal to do anything about the border crisis.


Now, there is an attorney general who is fed up. You see, Kamala Harris hasn’t delivered an address regarding the border issue in at least 50 days. This is despite both her and President Biden insisting that she is working very hard on the border issue.

 Fewer and fewer people are buying that explanation, including Attorney General Mark Brnovich of Arizona. He said that it is time for her to go because she has proven to be “abysmal” in this type of job. He points out the flood of undocumented workers that continue to come to his state at a feverish pitch. Brnovich is joining several other state officials as well, all tired of their state being overrun with illegal aliens. Brnovich and the other state officials have tried to contact Kamala Harris, but they haven’t received a response. Indeed, this could be the reason why her approval ratings continue to plummet as well. The woman is underwater in the polls, with 48 percent disapproving of her job and only 41 approving.


Interestingly enough, the Democrats weren’t even calling the border issue a “crisis” until just recently, even though the disturbing statistics keep flooding in and Southern state officials keep begging for assistance.


Where is Kamala? That’s truly a good question.


What do you think about how the vice president seems to be just ignoring this border issue? Your comments would be appreciated.




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