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Sleepy Joe Caught Trying To Give Iran Two Hundred Million Dollars!

Back when he wasn’t so sleepy, I guess Sleepy Joe was interested in sending Iran over $200 billion without “any strings attached”, and he wanted to do it right after the horrors of the 9/11 terr0r attacks.

“Seems to me this would be an appropriate time for us to send Iran a payment of $200 billion,” Biden allegedly said at that time, according to a POLITCO report that came out last Sunday.

He was a senator at the time, and he was trying to make the suggestion as an attempt at a gesture of good will and an “investment” into good American-Iranian ties. However, the good thing is that even back then his staffers shut him down almost immediately.

The 9/11 attacks led to the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and that did help improve relations to a certain degree. The Iranians are led by the Shia Muslims, and they have never cared for the Sunni Muslims, which were the dominant group in Afghanistan at the time. Thus, they were happy to see the United States topple that country. Moreover, they helped fund some of the Northern Alliance groups that helped the United States. However, President George W. Bush quashed any feelings of good will when he listed Iran as an “axis of evil” during his 2002 State of the Union speech. That didn’t stop Joe Biden, however.

Part of the reason for this is because President Biden has been known for a lack of verbal discipline throughout his career. Even though was an off-hand remark that he made, it was widely criticized even among his aides, with another individual that worked for him saying that Iran would “probably just send it back.”

Biden also spoke to the Iranian-American Council after the 9/11 attacks, and he made ther claim that Iranians were holding candelight vigils, and cooperating to some degree with the endeavors of the United States when they were in Afghanistan. “He even invited Iranian lawmakers to meet with him, whenever and wherever they would like.”

Biden was right there as Vice President of the United States when the Obama Administration inked a controversial nuclear power deal with Iran in 2015. However, the agreement was later abandoned by the Trump Administration after Iran failed to live up to their stipulations of the deal. “There were a number of experts who believed that Iran that truly kept their part of the deal, nor did they take the boundaries of the deal seriously,” the Daily Caller reported. “Thus, that was one of the main reasons why Trump dropped the deal in 2018.”

“This was a horribly one-sided deal,” then-President Donald Trump said regarding the agreement. “It didn’t bring peace, nor did it bring calm, and it never is going to.”

Indeed, now that Biden is in office, it has been reported that he is seeking help from European allies to restore this nuclear deal. Considering that the Obama/Biden Administration gave Iran $1.7 billion in January 2016 this is defiitely par for the course.

“It was January 17, 2016, and it was just after four American detainees, including the Washington Post’s Jason Rezaian, were released. The Obama Administration apparently authorized a jumbo jet carrying $400 million in Euros, Swiss Francs, and other currencies to go to Iran. It was partial payment of a $1.7 billion deal that Iran had with the United States over military equipment we had promised them that had never been delivered,” the Washington Post reported.

Apparently, Biden is not only in bed with the Radical Left, but he is also in bed with radical terrorists, but I digress.

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