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Biden Goes Full Hypocrite! Restarts MAJOR Trump Program!

Per a Fox News Report, it is now apparent that President Joe Biden has reversed course after he originally had halted construction on former President Donald Trump’s border wall project. Biden is now going to resume construction on a lengthy section of the wall in Texas as this administration continues to grapple with a border crisis that seems to be only getting worse. Of course, after this was reported, the Biden team attempted to do damage control. Government officials later disputed this report and claimed they were simply doing repair work on a flood levee.


“Fox News can now confirm that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is planning on resuming a 13.4-mile stretch of border wall in the Rio Grande valley after pressure from local residents and politicians,” Fox News Correspondent Bill Melugin wrote on Twitter. “The Biden team had previously stopped any type of wall construction last January.”


Of course, it only took an hour for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to issue their own response to Melugin, where they said the following: “In the effort to support CBP’s Border Infrastructure Program, USACE resumed the DHS-funded design and construction support of approximately 13.4 miles of a LEVEE (caps mine) on the Rio Grande Valley that had not only been partially excavated but it had also been at various levels of construction when we reviewed it. To be clear, we are only doing this excavation work for the levee, and it has nothing to do with expanding the border barrier.”


Department of Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas said last month that he had discussed the possibility of “fixing gaps in the wall” with ICE employees. Moreover, CNN reported last month that this year is slated to see over two million migrants cross the wall illegally, which is more than the population of Wyoming, Vermont, and Alaska combined.


Finally, there is the issue of immigration arrests, which were at 178,622 in April, a 3% increase from March. This was spun by the liberal news media as a victory, but representatives from the previous administration were having none of it.


“From day one, the Biden Administration has pursued policies that continue to fuel this crisis. This isn’t a humanitarian crisis, but this is a security crisis instead. We are seeing human smugglers and drug cartels getting the ability to gain a foothold in our country because of Biden’s inept leadership.” I have to agree.


What do you think about this lack of leadership from the Biden Administration? Your comments would be appreciated!

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