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They Are Going After Mike Lindell AGAIN! Here’s How We Can Help!

Do you remember Mike Lindell? I sure do! And I sleep on one of his pillows every night as well. Unfortunately, Lindell is STILL being targeted by the Democrat National Committee for “opposition research.” Why is this? Well, apparently part of the reason for that is because these liberals think that Lindell might be interested in throwing his hat in the ring for the 2024 race for U.S. President. That’s one possibility.


Of course, the other possibility is that Mike Lindell has been instrumental in uncovering the corruption that was present in the 2020 election. Questions, questions. Either way, there is no question that Mike Lindell is a true patriot, and he deserves our unwavering support. Do you agree? If so, you are probably just what you could do to help Mike Lindell as he faces this difficult period in his life.


You see, I don’t have to tell you that Mike has lost literally millions of dollars from his MyPillow business because of this liberal onslaught against him. However, Mike is still at it, and he is not giving up. Yes, he has a tremendous amount of business from places such as Kohl’s, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and many other businesses.


So, it’s time to answer the elephant in the room: how do we support this man and help him out? Well, one way would be to go to his website,, and enter the code “WLT” in the promo code box. Then, you will receive 66% off from the next purchase of your MyPillow product.


Of course, you should be well aware that Mike Lindell is a paragon of American capitalism. We as Americans do not and should not believe in socialism. Instead, we believe in “the best product at the best price” and we believe that capitalism affords people the best opportunities for innovation. Why do you think that America has always been a paragon for inventions? Why is it that so many immigrants come here because they want a better life? Why is it that America has always been “the shining light on the hill”? It’s because we offer freedom to our citizens!


People vote with their feet, folks. However, don’t expect this to last that long if liberals continue to try to turn this into Soviet Russia, China, or Eastern Europe. That’s why we need to continue to support entrepreneurs like Mike Lindell.


What do you think? Is he worthy of support? As always, your comments would be appreciated!

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