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The Left Just REVEALED How They Are Going To Take Down Rudy!

Oh, how quickly we forget. You see, it was just a few months ago that politicians such as the ultra-liberal Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were coming out of the woodwork saying that they wanted to scour the internet, gathering lists of Trump supporters. If you go by some of the recent reports in the media, it would definitely appear that Trump lawyer, supporter, and personal ally Rudy Giuliani was at the top of her list.


Is it unsettling what they are doing to the former mayor of New York City? You bet. However, these liberals do not care. Moreover, it gives us a clear idea of what their plan of attack is going to be against Trump supporters as a demographic.


First of all, we have Maxine Waters as one glaring example. She the same as declared open season on Trump supporters when she said the following: “If you see anybody from that [Trump] cabinet at a restaurant or in a department store or out in the public, you push back on them and create a crowd and tell them they are not welcome here.” That’s right, folks, Maxine Waters was actually advocating violence against Trump cabinet officials! Moreover, this happened as early as 2018. If someone in the GOP said that about Biden’s cabinet members it would be splashed all over the news, 24/7.


Now, Nancy Pelosi wasn’t happy with Maxine for declaring a complete and all-out war on conservative Trump supporters in this manner. However, don’t think for a minute that ol’ Nancy had grown a conscience in this instance. No, the reason that Nancy was mad at Maxine was that she had let their initial strategy out of the bag much, much too soon. Instead, the Democrats knew they needed to wait for the next Democrat to take office (in this case, Biden) before they could start their plan to silence conservatives and enforce their views.


Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for us) their war on conservatives so far has been a dismal failure. Even though they have Biden in office and they have that RINO Mitch McConnell all but handing the farm to them, everything that the liberals have tried has backfired. They have witnessed plenty of Blue states losing House seats, and they also can’t help but notice that millions of individuals are relocating to Red states just as if they were trying to avoid a zombie apocalypse in these Blue states. Couple this with the fact that more state-wide, pro-life legislation has been passed in many of these states in the last years than in decades previously.


By all accounts, even with Biden in the White House, conservatism continues to be on the rise. It doesn’t matter how much the liberals shout, they are finding it next to impossible to make people continue to act like sheep. Indeed, this is good news for us, and devastating news for them. However, don’t think for a minute that the left is going to give up. Instead of trying to win in public opinion, they will simply try to win in the court system, and that is what we are seeing with their treatment of Rudy Guiliani.


You see, the new strategy of the left is to simply use Rudy’s initial strategy of dealing with the New York mob when he was a prosecutor and a mayor by continually hitting them with court cases and bleeding them dry financially against him. They are going to do the exact same thing to Rudy that he did when he was going after organized crime in the early ’90s!


Former Trump lawyer and liberal show pony Michael Cohen said the following regarding Rudy’s legal issues: “When you’re financially strapped, how are you going to pay out millions of dollars. Yeah, Rudy can hire Dershowitz, but he’s definitely not going to work for free!”


That’s very true, and we are now living in a brave new world. The only crime that Rudy committed was trying to make sure that the integrity of the 2020 elections was guaranteed. However, once they back him into a corner, they will do the same thing to other high-profile Trump supporters if it is successful.


The only way to stop this would be through voting, folks. If the voters want to live in this type of America where we are governed by a vindictive, despotic one-party system, then that is up to them. But what kind of world are we going to leave our children and grandchildren. You see, instead of the British being the enemies as it was in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, it is now these socialistic, dogmatic liberals in our own country. Heaven help us all.


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