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Biden’s War On The Police Is Now In Full Swing!

President Joe Biden continues to come out swinging, but there is just one problem with his leadership style: he is not representing you and me or the rest of regular main street America. Instead, he only seems to care about the increasing cancer known as liberalism in this country. One example of this would be his recent from the Justice Department where he expects a sweeping probe into policing in Louisville, Kentucky over the March 2020 death of Breonna Taylor. She was shot to death by police as they were executing a no-knock raid at her home. Merrick Garland has recently announced this probe, and time will tell if it goes anywhere.

Democrats: Hating Police Officers and Loving Criminals

If this were even just the first probe of law enforcement by the liberal Joe Biden it would be bad enough, but this is actually the second. He actually is probing the second law enforcement in as many weeks after Attorney General Garland announced that they were also investigating the tactics of the Minneapolis police after the passing of George Floyd. Attorney General Garland believes that there is not equal justice under the law and he has his eye on his view of the issues, such as legal issues and racism.

Let us go back to Breonna Taylor in Louisville now, however. The 26-year-old Taylor was actually studying to become a nurse and worked as an emergency medical technician. She was awoken from her bed by police who were instituting a no-knock warrant regarding a narcotics investigation.

Apparently, her boyfriend Kenneth Walker was so startled out of his sleep that he fired once at the police officers.

The new investigation was announced last Monday, and it showcases a close look at the procedures for the Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Government and the Louisville Metro Police Department. This type of investigation is known as a “pattern or practice” investigation, and it is looking at if these police or politicians had a “pattern or practice” of unlawful policing. It is usually known as a more sweeping review of a police department.

“I am definitely ready for the whole world to see the Louisville Police Department for what they really are,” Breonna Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer said in a tweet. Sam Aguiar works as an attorney for the Breonna Taylor family, and he posted a congratulatory message on social media after the announcement. Apparently, he and the other Taylor family attorneys negotiated a $12 million settlement over Taylor’s death with the city of Lousiville last September.

The Police Department’s Side: Breonna Taylor Was a Drug Dealer and Her Boyfriend Shot at Police

Of course, according to the police, Breonna Taylor was nothing more than a drug dealer, and the investigation will take that into account. However, they will also attempt to determine if the Louisville Metro Police Department has a trend of engaging in unnecessary force, including striking out against people who are otherwise engaged in lawful activities. The investigation is going to look at this police department engages in unconstitutional stops, and unlawful searches and seizures when they execute their search warrants. Finally, this probe is going to look into whether the training that officers receive is sufficient and if they are appropriately held accountable for “any discriminatory conduct based on race.”

Breonna Taylor’s death has prompted a national debate on whether “no knock” search warrants should be used at all. These warrants normally will allow police officers to enter a home without knocking or announcing their presence. They usually are employed when police believe that a suspect might destroy evidence. However, there is a growing number of people who believe these types of warrants are overused and abused.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer seems to be in support of the debate, saying that the investigation should be another step for reforming the department after they had an audit that showed low morale and a lack of diversity within the force. Finally, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, a Democrat no less, said that the state was going to fully cooperate with the review.

Of course, I’m not saying that Breonna Taylor didn’t have some positive things going on, but if she was involved in the drug trade then unfortunately things like this might happen. You reap what you sow. But of course, that’s just my take

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