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What One Criminal Illegal Did In Front Of A Woman’s Kids Is Just Ghoulish!

A young mother in Pennsylvania is no longer with us, and it is due to the heinous actions of an illegal alien. The young woman was allegedly stabbed to death in her yard, and what makes this tragedy worse is that it occurred at the same time that the incompetent Biden Administration is trying their best to keep all businesses and other organizations close due to the COVID pandemic but at the same time having the border wide open!

Well, the fact that sleepy Uncle Joe has the border wide open continues to cause problems, and it ended the life of one Deborah Brandao, 33, while was outside her home in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Her chidren, ages 7 and 3, were with her when illegal alien Danelo Cavalcante approached her carrying that had two knives inside.

Cop allege that what transpired next would be Cavalcante attacking Brandao by grabbing her by the hair and forcing her to the ground. Cavalcante grabbed the two knives, stabbing Brandao more than a dozen times. “During the struggle, Brandao told her daughter to go get help. After the child went to a neighbor’s house, 911 was called. However, Cavalcante fleed from the scene before police were able to respond.”

The suspect was later apprehended in Virginia and they are going to extradite him back to Pennsylvania to stand trial for his crimes.

Chester County District Attorney Deb Ryan commented on this brutal murder.

“This tragedy is heartbreaking. Two children no longer have a mother. These children and all of Deborah’s loved ones are enduring due to the depravity of this man is horrific,” the D.A. said. “We are going to ensure that the defendant is brought to justice for despicable, cold-blooded, and premeditated action.”

According to PhillyVoice, Brandao and Cavalcante were once in a romantic relationship. Thus, this instance was portrayed as yet another tragic instance of domestic violence run amok. However, interestingly enough the news outlet and the DA left out a rather interesting piece of information. According to Breitbart, Cavalcante shouldn’t have been allowed in this country in the first place!

“Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials told Breitbart News that they have now placed a detainer on Cavalcante, stating that they want the local jail to hold him until United States officials can come in and take him into federal custody,” a spokesman reported.
To make matters worse, even after the Philadelphia Inquirer reported on the incident, they CONVENIENTLY LEFT OUT the fact that Cavalcante was an illegal immigrant. Furthermore, even though the murder victim placed a restraining order on Cavalcante, it has yet again become increasingly evident that these orders simply do not work. Instead, we should women who are feeling threatened by a man in their lives to buy, carry, and train with firearms so they can effectively defend their lives.

Additionally, one has to wonder why Cavalcante wasn’t deported the minute a restraining order was filed. So many questions, so many “coulda, woulda, shoulda’s” with this case.

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