Her Students Called Police Heroes, What She Did Is Insane!

A professor at a Southern California college is now finding herself in a bit of hot water. She was recently caught on video cursing out and berating one of her students after he called police officers “heroes.” Needless to say, it was a sentiment that the teacher strongly disagreed with.

Cypress College student Braden Ellis delivered a presentation about cancel culture, and that was a sentiment that he strongly disagreed with as well. He noted that cancel culture is “something that is destructive and is tearing up our country” during his online communications class. One example that Ellis noted was a cartoon called “PAW Patrol” where it depicts search and rescue dogs. Even though this is a program aimed at children 2-4, there were several liberal groups who were very indignant about the program, calling it bad because the show had the nerve to depict police officers in a positive light. These outrage mobs were even trying to get the show canceled!

Ellis was recently interviewed by the Daily Wire, and he said that there was a 10-minute question-and-answer session after his presentation was finished. That is when this “woke” professor attacked the student’s opinion that a “good majority” of police officers are dedicated heroes that sacrifice day in and day out.

However, the professor soon chimed in, saying that there are “systemic” problems with police departments, and the only reason they were founded in the first place is because they were needed to help slave owners track down runaway slaves! This is ridiculous, especially when you consider that slavery had been in our country since early colonial times and the first police department wasn’t even established in our country until New York City did it in 1844!

Ellis stuck to his guns, saying that he thought that cops were heroes and they had a very difficult job. It was at this point that the professor interrupted him and sarcastically remarked, “All of them?”

“A good majority of them. There are bad apples in every business,” Ellis replied, but he was yet again cut off by the professor.

“What about all of the police officers who have committed atrocious crimes and gotten away with them?” the professor asked. “I have family who are police officers and I still say that.”

“It’s not popular to say, but I still support our police,” Ellis responded.

The stubborn professor continued to debate, and it devolved into who each of them would call if they were in trouble and there was a knife or a gun. “I don’t trust the police,” the professor snapped, and then she abruptly ended the discussion.

Either way, I think that Mr. Ellis held his own, and we definitely need more level-headed people in this country today!

What do you think? Your comments would be appreciated!

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